Dagobert's Revenge

The Rise of the American Auschwitz
4th Reich Police State and the Banana Republic of Babylon the Great

by William Dean Ross

It is now May 2000, and the Invisible Government is still playing War Games with me. I wonder what it is this time. Are they going to blow me away with a rifle or shot-gun? They certainly can at the close range they are presently at. In fact, they could hit me with a soft-ball from where they are. Maybe they are going to stick me with a tranquilizer gun and swoop me off in a net dragged by one of those black unmarked Apache helicopters. Maybe these spooks are just snaking through the grass, just yards away from me in their camo sniper gear, practicing up for their coup d'etat in the near future. It is a standard practice to eliminate the most vocal and those "in-the-know" with the first wave of tyranny. I qualify because I was on a clandestine project and blew the whistle on the Internet and on world-wide talk radio shows. I think that made them mad?

It has been seven years now and the harassment, threats, frame-ups and attempts on our lives have not stopped. It comes and goes but never totally stops. What amazes me is that it is our tax dollars that happen to be paying these guys to do all of this evil and much more to destroy us; and, that is O.K. with our Congress.

The farmers around me even see what is going on but stay out of it because they think that I am in some kind of criminal activity or something "politically incorrect." The Cochrans see them landing with troops. The Bailys and Castos hear vehicles at night pull up and either drop off or pick somebody up. The Pickens and others see the Black Helos circling the area at tree top level, circling over and over sometimes, making attack charges at my house. Sometimes the craft is an unmarked Cessna that will silently glide down and almost crush me in my garden as I pick green-beans.

I am so used to it I do not bother filming anymore. The local and national TV and newspaper media will not cover the story. Cops have been told: "Look the other way!"

The only people that will listen are the media of the Conservative Christians or the Constitutionalists because they are enemies of the Invisible Government also. (I myself am an NRA liberal Republican or conservative Democrat politically. I do not believe in everything the extreme right says nor what the extreme left says. I hold nothing against the other races or the other religions. In fact I am probably one of the few that usually supports the causes of the Blacks, Indians, and Jews. I know I am one of the few that is supporting the Jews in Israel when the liberal TV media is supporting the PLO. As for theology I think that there is a light side and a dark side to all religions. I target the New Age Movement in my anti-New World Order rants because I have a lack of words to pin point the real sub-groups that are the culprits. I have some New Ager friends have more of the survivalist and anti-New World Order nature (and they are "Leftists") than any Right-winger I have met as yet. It befuddles me that these "Left" groups did not get on the FBI's Megiddo surveillance list. I wonder why?

If you still believe in your Freedom, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution, that is "strike one " against you. If you believe in the Bible that is "strike three" against you.

If you openly say one or two of the above on the telephone, internet, or in any form of mass media you are now on their "yellow list" or "watch list." If you get politically active and join the NRA or some Church group you are now a candidate for the "Blue- list" to get picked up for the concentration camps when they declare Executive Orders and Martial Law a few years from now. If you were an ex-agent turned patriot or an ex-ultraliberal turned conservative, or in a previous clandestine government project and blew the whistle you have qualified to be on the "Instant Extermination List." In the third example you are on the "red list."

Hi! Welcome comrade !Glad to have you! They are presently secretly doing "dry- run" drills to kill us in our sleep - all 6.66 million of us in one night! Interesting number is it not?

Presently, there are 200,000 Red Chinese at the Panama Canal and 700,000 in Sudan, in Africa, and many in both South America and Canada. Their country has recently purchased a few aircraft carrier destroyers, a few nuclear aircraft carriers and a few of the largest Soviet Typhoon nuclear submarines in the world. They have more soldiers closer to the United States than we have soldiers in the United States. In the CIA FACTS 1999 it states for the first time in history the Red Chinese can field an Army of 208 million soldiers. That is around the number mentioned in the Bible's Revelations, and their male army alone is almost the population of the United States!

Twenty years ago, I used to be a Marxist -Atheist. I still have all of my" commie" books somewhere. But I can tell you that as soon as you let the ultra-liberals either totally disarm you or partially disarm you this country will be destroyed. At least a half to two thirds of the population will perish in this one, and your federal government is on the other side. So where does that leave you and your family?

What did you think George Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev's handshake meant back in 1989 anyhow? In any political science book a government-corporate merger between communism and capitalism is deducted and synthesized as Fascism. Yes, a One World Order- Fourth Fascist Reich with total electronic surveillance and mind control

Here is another coincidence Daniel's Fourth Beast is a fourth fascist world empire, and the last one "devours the earth." And one last coincidence: for the first time in 2000 years the Jews are entering into considerations to rebuild the Ancient Temple. The Muslims destroyed Joseph's tomb just like it is written in prophecy. Welcome to the Great Tribulation!

William D. Ross
Rt.1 Box 38
Liberty, West Virginia 25124

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