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U.S. Code 50, Section 1520 Contrail “Spraying” Webs.

The following was found on a copy machine at a Kinko’s on Astor Place in Manhattan.

“The Secretary of Defense may not conduct any test or experiment involving the use of any chemical or biological agent on civilian population unless local civilian officials in which the test or experiment is to be conducted are notified in advance.” - Quote from U.S. Code 50, Section 1520.

HAARP Fluxgate Magnometer

It is legal to conduct military bio-war experiments on Americans, and William Thomas’ book “Scorched Earth” documents lethal bio-war experiments carried out by the U.S. military in the New York subway system, over Elgin Air Force Base in Florida and in San Francisco.

If you want to test bio-weapons dispersal over very large populations, and this is what we’re talking about, you’re not going to be able to do it over a foreign nation, but you’ll be allowed legally to experiment on American citizens. And all you have to do is come up with a bacteria or a virus that makes people sick enough to see their doctor or report to a hospital. You don’t want to kill anyone, but if you can do this thing, then all you have to do next is check for an unusual number or hospital admissions or doctors visits night after the time of you’re spraying and you’ll have a very neat way of testing the dispersal patterns of something that could be amplified later for use against an enemy “population.”

On the U.S. Air Force website: “Weather as a force multiplier: Owning the weather in 2025. Produced in August 1996 by seven U.S. military officers.” [They are creating our horrendous weather!]

A lot of these cloud formations do align in characteristic Tesla or HARP (High Altitude Resonance Program) grid-like formations. Could this be a weather modification experiment? Eastland seems to think so. The Air Force has come out with a report stating that they intend to own the weather within 30 years using HARP (electromagnetic pulses) and aerial seeding. M.I.T. physicist Bernard Eastland - August 11, 1987 - Commercial U.S. Patent #4686605 states: “Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region of the Earth’s Atmosphere Ionisphere and for Magnetosphere. Directing energy beams of more than I billion watts can be used for altering the upper atmosphere wind patterns using plumes of atmospheric particles as a lens or focusing device and disturb weather thousands of miles away.”

William Thomas’ website: wilco@islandnet.com. He also wrote “Eco War” documentary specializing in environment. “Bringing the War Home” - to order call 1-888-690-1277; “Scorched Earth - (electromagnetic warfare): The Military’s War Against the Environment.” [Make people, pets - sick!]

Classified Document - Technical memorandum #195 issued October 1991 (the Air Force says this was “lost” or “doesn’t exist.”) Page 185 - document outlines projected HARP tests - “The Ionispheric Affects Division of the U.S. Air Force Phillips Laboratory” - “For HARP to reach a peak power output of 100 gigawatts - that’s 100 billion watts. That’s 100 times the field strength that naturally occurs between ground-based antennas and the ionisphere 35 to 500 miles overhead.

William did an interview with Dr. Eastland who said, “I have looked at using this intense beam which can be angles to do some experiments in terms of guiding the jet stream: moving it from one spot to another.” When you move the jet stream, you move the weather. The Air Force’s own report, “Owning the Weather” talks about “researchers are already attempting to influence the weather by adding small amounts of energy at just the right time and space.” How do you do that? With HARP!

William’s news stories can be had on the Environmental News Service on the website, and can be subscribed to. Dr. Eastland sent an E-Mail to William 1/24/99 stating: “People connected with HARP took part in a NATO conference entitled ‘Ionispheric Modification and its Potential to Enhance or Degrade the Performance of Military Systems.”’ - May 28-31, 1990. This info is available through the National Technical Information Service. Ask for AGARD - (PCT?) - 485. So NATO is in on this ionispheric modification as well. Contact your Congressman and local officials to (1) eliminate U.S. Code 50, Section 1520, (2) Investigate HARP and the USAF and NATO!!!

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