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by William Dean Ross

I was raised a materialist-ultraliberal-atheist-evolutionist and was on the extreme-left of the Democratic Party for the majority of my life, until a series of traumatic events and spiritual experiences changed me. Now I am a constitutionalist politically and a Christian spiritually. What is wrong with being in the National Rifle Association and being a conscious environmentalist at the same time? I want to keep our guns, keep our jobs; but, also, keep our trees and fresh water. It seems like our political parties say we have to think only one way or the other. What is wrong with seeing angels, or demons, or believing in metaphysical apparitions and expecting spiritual messages from God? Although the prophets of the Bible's Old Testament and the disciples of the New Testament experienced metaphysical occurrences, today's American-Europeanized Christianity denounces it as evil or existing only in the minds of the mentally ill. Why is it we are always handed down only two religions and two political options with a struggling third alternative that only assures a monopoly of the first two? In this writing you will learn that once again, both the New Age Movement and Christianity are being duped by the realm of dark forces and UFO's play a major part in it.

After my eye-opening experiences on a clandestine government/civilian college meta-science project, I eventually woke up to this duality and saw the two heads of the Beast. I see certain truths in all and everything, but a hidden evil agenda waiting for it all to cohesively mix. I find myself revolting against a new system of government and religion that is falsely presenting itself as the "Great Humanitarian" and the "Master Of Peace." In reality, the New World Order and Parliament of World Religions are wolves hiding under a sheep' skins. The New World Order was originally conceived by men and women with good intentions, but it will be assumed later on by the absolute power of evil itself.

Having explained my theological world view, I will now tell my personal experience. At age 30 I had some paranormal experiences with my girlfriend; she was from a family of witches. This threw me into a nervous breakdown and almost destroyed me. When an atheist sees objects flying across the room and a witch teaching her daughter demonology it changes his mind. Needless to say, I left my live-in black-witchcraft girlfriend and headed for the hills as fast as I could before being eaten by a Gremlin.

I then met my wife to be, a Christian, who put Humpty-Dumpty back together again. She introduced me to the Bible and other ancient writings that spoke of angels, demons, and a variety of interdimensional beings. I proceeded to study - especially prophecy - at a fanatic's level, sticking to my own opinions and not what some man-made denomination tried to tell me.

This study, meditation and prayer somehow opened a door to a different, more spiritual lifestyle, spiritual insights and coincidences. It also opened the door to seeing visions and interdimensional entities - angels and demons. At times, they were very vivid and as physical as the chair you are sitting in right now.

I also saw visions such as the Berlin Wall coming down 6 months before it actually happened, and the Chernobyl nuclear accident 3 days before it happened, in that exact location. I have had many visions that have already occurred and some that are presently happening and some that are to come in the future. Please do not ask me to look into a crystal ball and do not start writing me out checks - I am neither "a preacher for profit", a "money-mongering-monk" nor a "gold-getting-guru." Turn off your television and don't waste your money on them. It is better to give it to the poor in your neighborhood-at least you know the food made it into their mouths.

I bounced from church to church with great disappointment. The so-called "spiritual people" believed in nothing spiritual-if that makes any sense! They were into emotional sensuality with great charismatic speakers and tear-jerking musicians. In a way it is a carnal materialistic self-seeking lust for entertainment, almost like pornography! If the real Jesus walked in the front door, they would leap out of the windows!

I fell into the New Age Movement on the project; because, they would at least listen to me. A few years after the project, I realized my plague of demons were a result of the Black Arts New Age Movement. I had to force myself to study the Bible again. Gradually, the dark veil lifted and I was liberated. I am not an evangelist or a spiritual saint. I am only struggling to stay out of the darkness. Only self-study of the Bible, self-mediation and reaching God through prayer saved me from destruction. The New Age Movement, the pragmatic humanitarians, and traditional Christianity were all totally useless.

Several years ago, I went to the Edgar Cayce Foundation at Virginia Beach and took some ESP tests. My wife and I aced the tests. The participating crowd and the staff were amazed. They took our names. We then went upstairs to the library to look around.

While I was reading a Masonic book, I overheard a conversation between several men around the wall. They said that they had just come back from Moscow and were talking about a secret experiment that was conducted in Sweden. It involved CIA and KGB agents in an underground radio/television wave-proof room trance-channeling to the dead. For the first time, they were able to bring from the dead Albert Einstein, display him on television and ask him questions. This merger of the CIA and KGB happened several months before the Berlin Wall came down. Thus the Cold War was still on, but, only in the eyes of the public.

The men attending were Oleg Jefimenco, a West Virginia University Professor and Telekinesis Expert; Dr. John Sutton, Technical Officer of Goddard Space Flight Center; C. B. Scott Jones, NIS/NSA and President of the Human Potential Foundation; Colonel John Alexander, Leader of the Non-Lethal Weapons Division, of the D.O.D., and Hugh Lynn Cayce, Jr.

A few years later, Dr. Spaniol of West Virginia State College at Institute, West Virginia, was on a campaign to bring a "new wave" industrial triangle to the state. We organized seminars with politicians, businessmen, the captains-of-industry and the federal government to initiate "research and development triads"- a "new science." (One all day meeting at West Virginia State College - in collaboration with NASA - was filmed and televised as the "Day of Discovery." I have a copy of the entire event.)

If you were to listen to the NASA scientists on my videos talking to the college professors and politicians, there is a "double-speak." It clearly indicates NASA is not interested in looking for life in outerspace, but rather in the inner earth and the invisible inter-dimensions around us. (On the "Day of Discovery" video Dr. Gerald Suffon openly states that this is the "Esoteric Crew of Goddard…and they are much more interested in the inner-earth than in outerspace!")

Hollywood and the media in general have pounded the public with the "life in outer space" theme, the "Crash at Roswell", the "Alien Autopsy", physical aliens being cloned and reverse engineering of flying saucers. The real truth lies in what certain rogue departments of the government are doing silently on their own. What I learned is not from some conspiracy website or good science fiction novel. It is from doing work for NASA on a civilian level, being a "test-rat" or "guinea-pig" in some of their esoteric and microwave experiments. While the major book publishers and Hollywood drum-up more nonsense for both the skeptic and believer to mislead them under the long-standing management of the intelligence agencies, we in the know squealers are totally ignored and labeled "kooks"! (This "test rat" escaped the cage, took the mad professors notes with him and ate the cheese on the way out.)

In December of 1992, I was approached by Dr. Spaniol to enter a "project within a project." West Virginia State College had an ELF EARTH WAVE PROJECT sponsored and funded by NASA. I worked on extremely low earth frequency analysis - E.L.F.- on campus 20 hours a week, and then worked on a clandestine NASA/NSA field project in the rural countryside near my home another 20 to 40 hours a week. The majority of students and staff associated with the project stayed on campus and were unaware of the secret project. A minority of the students and staff worked with me in the field on weekends. During the week, I - a staff person-was "in the field" by myself making contact with a variety of entities - some were from UFO's (flying saucers, etc.).

That very month the same group of men that I met years earlier at the Edgar Cayce Foundation were at the meeting with others including Dr. Steve Basset and Dr. Greer. They all met somewhere in Virginia either at Langley or at the Edgar Cayce Foundation. I do not know for sure because they lied to me so much I was left confused and misinformed most of the time. They had a government paid psychic, Anna Himalayan, probably a fake name. She was trance channeling the Ascended Masters down to meet me in West Virginia. This all happened before I even knew that I was the "chosen-one." (I have most of the audio tapes of the conversations and trance-channeling sessions Dr. Craig Spaniol recorded. By the way, all videotapes and audio tapes have been copied and hidden in many locations over the past several years. I only pass out to the public a little of each topic I discuss which includes UFO film shots, team meetings, personal ID cards, and other proof documented on 30 hours of video.)

A couple of years earlier, I moved to Liberty, West Virginia, between Ghost Hollow and Loom Tree Hollow. In the dictionary the second definition of "loom" means UFO- an unidentified light or illuminated object moving on the horizon! Thus, we could then call it "UFO Tree Hollow - refer to a Sissonsville Quadrant map of this area. I had to figure that one out on my own. Keeping me in the dark was a very important feature of their little game. The Black Operations compartments of the departments of the federal government always tell the naive corporations and colleges that they are doing "A" when in reality they are working on "B"! Who is going to volunteer to be microwaved into the next dimension - as in "Beam me up Scotty?" The untold contract also includes follow-up visits (in the future) by "damage-and-control" to finish you off with what will appear to your relatives and the public as a natural cancerous death or heart attack. If you are a "chosen one", like myself, expect to be shadowed by white vans, black helicopters and snipers in the bushes outside your home radiating your body with deadly E.L.F. until they kill you.

What I thought was amusing is that Dr. Greer and Dr. Basset were head of an organization that was supposedly "lobbying" Congress and the President to force the CIA to admit that they have a crashed (physical) saucer and dead (physical) aliens. But, here they are involved in communicating to the spirit-realm via mediums or witches called psychics to bring the interdimensional "Etherians" to earth. What a sharp contrast to what they are supposed to believe in and what they really believe it? As usual, the radio and television shows put these characters on and they continue to "hoodwink" the public. (Some of these dis/mis-information officers are MC victims themselves and the public just writes them off as eccentric "nut-cases"!)

Next, the psychic said the Etherians wanted them to use the property of a man that owns 6,000 to 12,000 acres. This "mystery-man" would be open to UFO's, the Esoteric, and the Occult. The "mystery man" would also be a businessman, an ex-chemical engineer, and had a lot of contact with UFO's in the past. (Later in the project, I proved that the government-paid psychics were wrong on absolutely everything that had to do with the UFO's and the aliens. The only thing they were correct on were actual physical observations that were derived through intelligence surveillance efforts. Thus, proving the project to be an effort of the CIA to experiment with electronic mind control, electronic occultism, and create a holographic/hologramic 'benevolent space brother' New World Order Religion, a strong delusion perpetrated by a collusion of high-tech sorcerers and cosmic tricksters.

I had just moved to Liberty and met the 'mystery man', Bob Ranson, storeowner and postmaster of Liberty. He was an ex-Army Intelligence person; engineer and owner of an oil company that went bankrupt because of the Rockefellers, and owned 6,000 acres at one time in the Liberty area. Bob knew where Ancient Adena and Poca Indian Holy sites were located. He and his father used to dig up graves of the Mound Builders. In fact, he invited me up to his house and we talked about philosophy, politics and science. Being a Mason, he had a tendency to be sort of esoteric and very eccentric. Bob claimed he had powers and had also seen the "UFO folk" out in this area since WWII.

The Project Manager, Carl Anderson of Mt. Olive, West Virginia, years later, told me similar things. Carl was also ex-army officer during the early Vietnam-Era and based at airfields the "Air America" CIA used in Cambodia. In civilian life, he worked as an Industrial Engineer manager in California. He has mingled with a variety of New Ager, UFO and healing groups. On several occasions, he hinted that he had psychic abilities that were used by the government-on and off-for quite some time. He contends he would not join as an agent and totally sell his soul to the Devil as Doc did. (I know that Dr. Spaniol continues to do 3-D secret work on Department of Defense E.L.F. projects, which could possibly vary from weather and mind control to cosmic communications or deadly microwave weapons.) I personally have seen Carl do incredible feats of remote viewing and psychic-parameter viewing; he is very talented at feeling out earth energies and vibes from people. Carl lives near one of the UFO portal-vortex hot zones and Bob lived near another UFO portal/vortex hot-zone which was on his own 6000 acres of land. (See on the Internet Web the following: (A) http://www.visitations.com/ufofiles/basemaps/map3.htm(B) http://www.america-collins.com/biomaps.htm (C) http://ghcc.msfc.nasa.gov/archeology/chao.html (D) http://earthchangestv.com/science_spirit/index2000.htm and you will see why the World Futurist and Federalist Societies are trying to eliminate people and make space for "The Gods!")

When I quit, after two years on the UFO contactee project, Bob and Dr. Spaniol tried to recruit other people. They all had the same profile as me: (1) Totally new to the area. (2) Male. (3) 5ft. /7 in. to 8 in (4) Dark brown hair. (5) Open to the occult. (6) Have seen interdimensional entities (angels and demons) and /or UFO's. (7) Were associated with Dr. Spaniol in some capacity. (8) Had a background as an electrician or electronic technician. (By the way, Carl by this time had his own team working the areas closer to Ohio.)

This story goes on and on. I have made thousands of notes trying to figure this out. I have spent countless hours in the woods making close contact with a variety of interdimensional entities. I have on film the professors out in the field with UFO's, and me in the background. I also have on video pre-field team meetings in Bob's store. It was obvious I was being "snowballed", "hood-winked" and mislead about very critical information. I caught onto it all too late to get the whole truth, but soon enough to set up a situation that would prove the psychics and the government out to be "witch-doctor social engineers."

Later in the game a team member, who was a NSA agent, put a sedative in my drink and I was unconscious for several hours. After he left I found a strange hole in my neck which I suspected was an implant. On another occasion, I was with him on a camping trip and I was supposedly abducted, according to him. Fortunately, I had left my camera on as he took a device in a black bag and messed with it while I was driving a truck through the most desolate area of this state. I went into a "dumbed-down" trance and he drilled me. I was driving in a "black-out" mindset and on film I have him asking me where I would hide when the New World Order takes over and comes after me. (I didn't even know about a New World Order back in 1995! Nice to know what they are going to do! I wonder why? Are they faking an invasion from outer space with a real invasion from hell? What is it that I know that makes me so dangerous to them?) He insisted that I was abducted and that I had "missing time." The video film footage proves otherwise.

Bob Ranson was like a UFO tour guide through a UFO JURASSIC PARK. It was as if he was "conjuring up the spirits" on the Ancient Adena Indian lands that the government secretly protects. Since the 1920's "spiritualist days", major highways and airports have been turned down from going in at Liberty. According to union construction workers, "That Bureau of Land Management (Federal) stopped everything we have ever tried to put through there!" Hence, many so-called civilian lands are federal in disguise. You can hunt and fish on Farmer John's Pond but the hillside may have a nuclear missile silo or a manmade saucer bunker in it. The real Groom Lakes Area 51s and Cheyenne Mountain NORADs are "Top Secret" and are scattered about.

At times, I thought my nightly "close-encounters" were optical illusions created by holograms/ holographs by the NSA. At other times what appeared before me was definitely etheric or interdimensional. On other occasions what I saw and filmed was without a doubt man-made and a horrible reality. The job became more confusing and I became very paranoid.

On many reconnaissance occasions, we actually saw trucks and vans go into different mountainsides and disappear. After seeing this, some of us started thinking the UFO's were man made and the government was in collusion with the aliens. What they were telling me, I didn't believe anymore. The riddle became much more confusing and truth seemed further away. The government psychics were not communicating with the Etherians, as they claimed. The outcome of events was always different from what the psychics predicted. (I have the psychics on audio tapes that Dr. Spaniol recorded in their "Round Table Meetings.")

Wherever Bob pointed, there was a UFO. I would have to use binoculars at first. He could see them with the naked eye instantly. It was as if it were all staged for my benefit to get me hooked, trained, initiated or convinced I had supernatural powers. I am still baffled by most of it. A few times when I was alone with him in his store, while he was talking about ghosts, spirits, and hauntings, doors would open or shut on their own - just feet away in plain view with no wind or strings to do tricks. He would just laugh as I made ready to bolt for the doorway and run outside. Bob had more telekinesis powers than the government paid psychics ever had - he was a real live wizard.

Years later while reviewing my film footage, I saw that Bob was leading us away. It was kind of like the "Raiders of the Lost Ark." The Nazis at NASA wanted it, but the NSA Nazis had it and refused to give it up to the UN New World Order Nazis. I felt like I was surrounded by Coptic Order Luciferians and Fascists from all sides and they were tearing me apart to get this "technology transfer." They wanted the ultimate "war machine" …they wanted one of "God's Chariots of Fire." With that type of technology they thought they could defeat any enemy, even the coming of Christ. They can not do it with man-made saucers or with the "Hell Wagons" of Lucifer that they presently are utilizing. That was one of the reasons they were using Judeo-Christians for this project. (Christians are their enemy, but the churches do not know it yet and don't want to know it, even when you try to warn them.)

When the "naďve human guinea pig" had outlived their usefulness, it was time for "Act Two" of the project - as the "agent" told me. They experiment with hitting the Christian with a barrage of psychic demonic cannon attacks. If that does not destroy the "test-rat", they move on to all out microwaving E.L.F. techniques. If they can not force the individual into committing a mass murder, suicide and/or both, they will force them into auto accidents via E.L.F mind control. If none of this works, they move in at night while the individual sleeps and use the extremely dangerous so-called "non-lethal" weapons to microwave them into a heart attack or dying of cancer. Of course, if none of the above works, they must resort to framing the individual into a Federal prison to finish him /her off or arranged a physically forced suicide at the victim's home.

I noticed Bob did not issue out hunting permits on his northern lands. I then triangulated silver-looking saucers going into and leaving the area of Painterfork Hollow and Sigmon Ridge. Before he died, he told me that he was with the ones that "had it", and I assumed he meant Spaniol or Anderson "wanted it." This told me that one end of our government knows what it is all about and "has it"; but, the other end of the government "wants it." He also told me some of the UFO's are "etheric" but others are "physical", and man-made, but, not reverse engineered as the CIA media had brainwashed the masses. He told me everything from the "Roswell" to the "Alien Autopsy" was all a well-orchestrated reverse-psychology Black Ops/Psy-Ops warfare creation of the "Invisible Government", and the public swallowed it all "hook, line, and sinker."

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