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The Emperor Card

The last issue of Dagobert’s Revenge (Summer 1996) featured the Emperor card from Aleister Crowley’s Thoth tarot deck on the front cover, and some of our readers were confused as to the significance. It is our position that this card, generally taken to represent Papal authority, actually depicts a Merovingian king. This was first suggested to me by a guy I used to know named David Reif in Portland, Oregon. As he pointed out, the golden bees on the Emperor’s jacket are a well-known signature of the Merovingians. 300 golden bees were found in the tomb of Merovingian King Childeric, and later Napolean had them affixed to his coronation robe in order to suggest that he, too was of the bloodline, thereby legitimizing his rule. In her commentary on the Emperor card, the artist, Lady Frieda Harris, who painted with Crowley’s direction, brushed off any such notions by stating that “the bees on his costume may have originated from French tradition, but more probably they typify the bees of the Secret Doctrines of the Upanishads.” This is obviously disinformation, for the fleur-de-lys symbols lying at his feet give away his Frenchness, having been a sign of Frankish royalty ever since it began. Also note the crystal ball he is holding, very similar to the one used by King Clovis and a number of other Merovingian monarchs. In addition, Lady Harris blatantly admits in her commentary that the lamb sitting on the Emperor’s left is “a reminiscence of the Knights Templar”, The Guardians of the Grail and the Merovingian bloodline.

Crowley's Emperor Card

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