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The Masonic Ray Phenomenon:
A Most Peculiar Dowsing Enigma

by, N A Reiter

In March of 2003, I went rambling with my ghost hunting mentor and guru, Chris Woodyard, across northwest Ohio, showing her the local “dead scene” as it were, the Forteana of my flat home turf. One of our stops was a solitary stone monument near the Maumee River, whichI had heard tell of, but had never visited. The monument was a small gray granite marker commemorating the site of the first Masonic lodge in the territory, a demure little hunk of stone, maintained by the Bowling Green Ohio lodge. It sits at the base of a sand hill mound that is sure to catch the geomantic sense. On the day that Chris and I visited the monument, I felt compelled to dowse the immediate area with my L rods, to see if the location had any ley line significance.

What I found was peculiar. There appeared to be a narrow “ray” or intercept line either starting or ending at the stone, as evidenced by my rods crossing there. I moved out further, retraced my intercept, and found that the “ray” seemed to extend nearly due east, up the hill. To Chris’ consternation, I plunged into the briar-filled copse of the hill and followed the rods. This was queer. I had tried grave dowsing previously, to great success. This was something different. Even ley lines tend to be many feet wide. This was a very narrow - maybe inches wide - laser like beam or ray. The ray went up and over the hill and continued into the east across a tilled field.

Ohio Masonic Monument Photo

Chris and I had a good laugh over it, and puzzled it out a bit, but came to no conclusions. The real enigma began over the following weeks.

I had to check this out. I stopped in several nearby cemeteries, and dowsed a number of gravestones, both Masonic and non-Masonic. I found that the Masonic stones all appeared to have a narrow ray in one direction, generally eastward. This ray was not present with “normal” stones. Was this all in my head? Wishful thinking interfering with dowsing mechanisms? To test it, I would select a cemetery and wander near the eastern edge, until I found a place where my rods crossed. I would then step about two meters further into the cemetery and walk North to South again, to find the same crossing, and find an alignment. I then would follow the ray into the cemetery going stone to stone until it terminated. With the exception of several rays that extended beyond the cemetery (to now unmarked graves or other cemeteries, perhaps), the rays ended at Masonic headstones. In Tontogany Cemetery, I found a Masonic stone that had no ray coming from it. I then discovered after the fact that the stone only was in place… the future recipient was not there yet! Aha… did this have to do with dead Freemasons? If so, then why did the roadside marker for the old lodge have a ray? Unless…

In my travels across the northeast US and Maritime Canada in July, I stopped at several cemeteries and tried to find more rays. The first ones I discovered in Ohio happened to point almost due east. In New York State, Vermont, and Nova Scotia, the rays pointed in other directions. In Kirkland Lake Ontario, during another quest in late July, they pointed slightly north of west. This seems to be another piece of evidence to say I was not unconsciously concocting these. Had I been, I would have likely built up a cleaner mythos, like an “eastern ray” or something.

More recently, I found that Masonic rays in cemeteries further to the south of me in Ohio also pointed off in a variety of directions, although all the stones in a general area would point in the same direction.

What do these rays point to? The former homes of the Masons buried there? No, not likely. Multiple stones in single cemeteries all point the same way. The closest Masonic Temple or Lodge? No, not it either - the Kirkland Lake, Ontario rays would have pointed east, into town.

What in Hell are these?

What if the Masonic Rays in a local area all point or converge on a nearby global grid power point - a tie in point for the informational strings across the land? One should be able to go to cemeteries within, say, a part of a state or province, and see where the vectors point. Perhaps one can then find strange evidence at the power point! Maybe then, from intermediate power points, one can find outgoing rays that connect to more powerful regional or continental power points. Could one eventually find the fabulous speculated “Navel of the World” power point which some forbidden thinkers speculate that the Templars sought?

In the late summer of 2003, I started vectoring Masonic rays here in northwest Ohio. Oddly, I was getting coherent results until I wandered too far to the south, where rays began to point off in other directions. I triangulated the rays from Oak Harbor to Tiffin, and they did seem to converge on the map, if I extended them. Their convergence was a point on the map about 4 or 5 miles south of Sandusky, Ohio, along Ohio State Route 4.

In late November, I happened by chance to make a trip to Cleveland. On the way back, I detoured the family off of the turnpike, down route 4.

About 5 miles south of Sandusky, just to the west of route 4, is a small village called Sand Hill. It is called so because it surrounds a tall sand hill or tor, the highest for miles around. I noticed that the crest of the hill is crowned by a cemetery of some size and antiquity. And in what appeared to be the oldest part of the cemetery, the hill rises up into a sharper and semi-circular mound. I would also be remiss in my eternal obligations to Jung if I didn't note the supreme irony of one other fact… the cemetery and hill are located on “Mason Road.”

On 3rd of January, I traveled to Sand Hill Cemetery again, and this time explored it. Before going to the cemetery hill, I stopped in Bloomingville, a small village to the east about two miles. In Bloomingville, I found two Masonic stones in the local cemetery there. I dowsed each. From both, a ray appeared to extend due west… toward Sand Hill.

At Sand Hill Cemetery, I wandered up onto the high windy summit and examined the situation. It was a strong place to my senses, and despite the wind, the air felt thick. Yet despite the feel, no blatant anomalies occurred - no doorway to the Infernal Realm opened, no malfunctions on my cameras! Just a high creepy cemetery hill, of a shape to make one think of some degree of prehistoric artifice. But then again, Ohio is known for its ancient mounds.

Sand Hill Photo

One other peculiarity struck me. Near the peak of the hill, a well-preserved white gravestone for a W. Byington carried a peculiar variant of the Masonic emblem. It is shown thus:

Byington Photo

What is “ECGL - XII.” It might refer to a Grand Lodge.

What happens when someone joins the Freemasonic order, at a metaphysical level? What sticks around and connects the Mason to something somewhere beyond the circles of the world… even after you are dead? Where do the rays lead, and what do they have to say, if anything? I have had it reported back to me by two other dowsers that they also are now finding these strange rays. A meme? Something tells me no.

Ohio Masonic Temple

Sand Hill


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