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Books on Conspiracies
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In Association with
Psychic Dictatorship in the U.S.A.
by Alex Constantine
Conspiracy expert Alex Constantine shatters our frail little world with the godawful truth about government mind control experiments. This goes beyond mere ELF waves and subliminal advertising, and into the hands-on use of drugs, torture and sexual abuse used by the CIA, NSA and military intelligence to break down a personality and put a new one in its place, or in some cases, several personalities. Constantine exposes the truth about the McMartin Preeschool scandal, The Peple’s Temple mass suicide in Guyana, and the Manson Family massacre all as results of CIA mind control ops, as well as a host of other highly-publicized child abuse scandals and murder-suicide cults. Will make you keep the light on at night, even though that’s not going to help you any.
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Virtual Government
by Alex Constantine
A continuation of Psychic Dictatorship, this one gets deeper into the subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse as a CIA mind control operation, including drawings made by child abuse victims, featuring captions like, “My Daddy cuts the weenies off his sons before he kills them.” Also ties in the Satanic mind control corps with neo-nazis and other right-wing movements, concluding that Nazis never went away, but just went to work for our government behind the scenes. Scary!
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Behold a Pale Horse
by William Cooper
The scariest non-fiction book you will ever read. I spoke in code words on the phone for months after reading this one. True story from an ex-Naval Intelligence officer detailing his knowledge of UFOs, the Men in Black, the Secret Government, and the "Luciferian" conspiracies of a large smattering of secret societies. Includes info about depopulation plans such as "Alternatives 001, 002, and 003", the genetic engineering of the AIDS virus, CIA funding of Third World revolutions, dusting crops with cancer-causing materials, and just generally encouraging unhealthy habits. .Masons, Skull & Bones, the Order of DeMolay, The Golden Fleece, the JASON Society, the Bilderburg Group, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Gnomes of Zurich, the Priory of Sion, the Knights of Malta, Propaganda Due, etc.. Also contains astounding facts about ELF waves, tracking devices, surveillance equipment, Satanism in the Army, Nixon's attempt at martial law, the unknown dictatorial powers of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and the truth about the Federal Reserve. The author, who died of a brain tumor a few years back after complaining to his family that the government was screwing with his mind, lost his legs when his car was run off the road by assailants who later visited his hospital room warning him to keep his mouth shut.
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The Franklin Cover-Up:
Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska

by John DeCamp
Written by the Nebraska State Senator who investigated the case, and who represented some of the victims as an attorney, this book deals with a true incident that occurred in Nebraska, in which the owners of the failed Franklin Savings and Loan were found to be complicit in a conspiracy that involved child kidnapping, sexual abuse, and Satanic Ritual Abuse. This was all part of the CIA’s Project Monarch, and many of the kids were obtained from Boys Town of America, an apparent hotbed for this type of activity. The kids were subjected to torture and mind control programming, forced to participate in human and animal sacrifice, and prostituted to high-rollers as important as - allegedly - Vice-President George Bush. Other participants included Lt. Col. Michael Aquino (founder of the Church of Satan offshoot, the Temple of Set) and members of the local, quasi-Masonic Knights of Aksarben. The abused children actually won a civil suit against the perpetrators, bringing credibility to their claims. An interesting read, for sure.
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Nothing in This Book is True, But It's Exactly How Things Are
by Bob Frissel
An exciting romp through the intellect of the clinically insane. Despite the undeniable lunacy of the author, it contains a lot of good information about Sacred Geometry, chakras, meditation, pole shifts, multi-dimensional beings, the Philadelphia Experiment, the Akashic Records, Atlantis, and the Fibonnaci Spiral, an algorithm which mimics the growth pattern of all living beings. In particular, there is a chapter dedicated to a three-dimensional shape called the tube torus which is derived from the Fibonnaci spiral, which, when placed inside a crystal tetrahedron and illuminated with a light source, will project the shapes of the Hebrew, Greek and Arabic alphabets, in order, depending on which angle you turn it to. Un- fortunately the author doesn't seem to thoroughly grasp this phenomenon, but you can look up the MERU foundation on the internet to find out more.
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The Biggest Secret
by David Icke
Icke expands his theories greatly, and contradicts himself in a few places. Now Icke claims that royal families, instead of being mere victims of the conspiracy, are actually spearheading it. The alien race in charge of leading this grand conspiracy has now become a race of blood-drinking, shape-shifting Reptilian beings from the 4th Dimension. In this regard, he is very similar to Laurence Gardner, because Icke also claims that the royal bloodlines of the Earth can ultimately be traced back to the Nephilim, the angels that fell from Heaven, who have been in charge of the governments of Earth since the beginning of civilization. According to Icke, however, these are actually multi-dimensional Reptilian beings with no feelings or conscience, who are capable of maintaining human form by drinking human blood. They also drink the menstrual blood of their own Reptilian females, (Starfire), and feed off of the negative energy they create by maintaining a world full of evil and suffering. They are oppressing and torturing the human population through various forms of mind control, and every world event is orchestrated for occult symbolic purposes. Even the shapes of our national monuments and symbols used by governments have occult meanings, which are used for mind control purposes. Icke believes that the death of Princess Diana was actually an occult ritual sacrifice to the Goddess Diana, and many other events are described in this manner as well. Bur don’t worry: As long as we depose the reptile overlords, divest out culture of all hierarchical systems and geometric shapes (occult mind control), filling our hearts with positive energy and love for our fellow man, everything will be OK. As ridiculous as it all seems, there is a great deals of evidence that the Antediluvian Gods who created mankind were reptilian, or at least associated with reptile by their human subjects. Icke brings forth some important evidence to back that up. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
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And the Truth Shall Set You Free
by David Icke
A terrifying exposé of the grand global conspiracy of secret societies, masterminded by alien invaders. Includes Skull & Bones, Bohemian Grove, the Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, Cecil Rhodes and the Round Table, the U.N., the E.U., the Bilderberg Group, Nazis, Communists, George Bush, Bill Clinton, FDR, JFK, Woodrow Wilson, the Oklahoma Bomber, the Gulf War, Henry Kissinger, the CIA, etc. Icke makes a convincing case that the United States is still owned by the Virginia Company of Old England, and that there is a powerful conspiracy afoot in Britain to discredit and dismantle the monarchy. Conspiracies are analyzed in terms of their occult ritualistic purposes.
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The Black Room: Satanic Ritual Abuse in the Catholic Church
by William H. Kennedy
The Black Room is an audio CD presentation by William Kennedy, a frequent writer for Dagobert’s Revenge. Kennedy is the official biographer of the late Father Malachi Martin, who wrote extensively on the presence of a secret Satanic cabal within the Catholic priesthood. According to Martin, and according to Kennedy, a network of Luciferian Freemasons has infiltrated the Catholic church at the highest level, and is linked with the nefarious New World Order conspiracy. These priests, they say, are responsible for numerous deeds of child sexual and Satanic ritual abuse. They are also supposedly linked with the Roberto Calvi/ Vatican banking scandal, which involved the P2 Freemasons lodge. Kennedy discusses several cases of alleged Satanic Ritual Abuse by priests, and summarizes the view of Malachi Martin on the subject. He also presents a collection of audio news clips pertaining to the priest molestation scandal, as well as a banned interview with Malachi Martin recorded by a small television station in the Southern United States.

To purchase this CD, send a check or money order for $20 if inside the US, or $25 if outside the US, to:

William H. Kennedy
P.O. Box 158
Everett, MA 02149


Kooks: A Guide to the Outer Limits of Human Belief
by Donna Kossy
An amazing trip through the highways and byways of the paranoid schizophrenic and highly delusional aspects of our melting pot culture. In sub-sections labeled “Religion”, “Science”, “Metaphysics”, and “Politics”, Kossy explores things such as British Israelism, Anti-Gravity, The Third Eye, the Raelian Movement, Cyrus Teed’s concave Earth theory, and a host of other bizarre cults and beliefs, in a fair and journalistic, yet fresh, witty, manner, complete with a touch of academic skepticism and Gen-X indifference. Delightful to read and quite informative. Great, hilarious illustrations included.
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The Music of Time
by Preston B. Nichols with Peter Moon
Part of the "Montauk Series" by the same authors, this book tells the "true story" of Preston’s life as a musical engineer for Phil Spector and Buddha Records, as well as how he secretly, single-handedly manipulated the course of history and popular culture. Preston claims to have, under the employ of the secret government at Brookhaven Labs, engineered the sound of a number of rock stars from the 60s, including, but not limited to: The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Chubby Checker, The Rolling Stones, The Mamas and the Papas, Jim Morrison, The Ohio Express, The 1910 Fruitgum Company, The Moody Blues and The Alan Parsons Project. Of course, as a secret government agent, Preston was not allowed to put his real name in any of the credits, nor were the brothers Chuck and Mark Hamill (a.k.a. "Luke Skywalker"), childhood friends of Preston’s, whom he claims were the actual songwriters and recording artists behind several of the Top 40 hits released under the monikers listed above. As Preston explains it, many of the most famous acts in the music business are mere front personalities, pretty faces sent out to sell records that are actually written and produced by the government for the purpose of large-scale mind control - and many of these front performers are under a robotic form of mind control as well. Preston says that part of his job was to embed subliminal messages in the music using high-frequency harmonics and a thought projection technique called "psychic overlay", in which he actually projected ideas onto the master copy of the audio tape while it was being recorded, which could then be picked up by the listeners in the audience on a subconscious level. One of the most common messages instructed the listener to play the record over and over again until it wore out, and then to go and buy a new one. Preston was such an influential force behind American culture, who knows where we’d be if he’d never been born. You’d think that all of this would have gone to his head, but luckily his ego was saved by the mind control he was subjected to by the government, which caused him to block out these memories until recently, just in time to write a book about them.
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The Trance-Formation of America
by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips
The tell-all auto-biography of the self-proclaimed "mind-controlled sex slave" for the CIA’s Project Monarch, an offshoot of MK-ULTRA. In this program, children were/are subjected to trauma-based mind control programming that involves drugs, hypnosis, torture, sexual abuse, and "Satanic Ritual Abuse", or SRA. This purportedly causes the child’s psyche to split into multiple personalities, each of which can be programmed to perform certain tasks without the recollection of the core personality. The children are then sold as prostitutes to the rich and famous, or used to compromise and blackmail politicians with pedophile impulses. This is all part of an Illuminati plot, and the participants are heavily involved in the occult.
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Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA
by Terry Reed and John Cummings
An extremely revealing true story from an ex-CIA agent and trainer of Contra pilots. This explains the role that two U.S. presidents played in the funding of the secret Contra aid through the transportation of cocaine. Contains an amusing account of meeting in an underground bunker between then-Governor Clinton and Oliver North (a.k.a. "John Cathey") in which Bill is promised a shot at the Presidency if he can manage to keep the CIA operation under wraps. The author and his family were later chased all over the US and Mexico, and charged with insurance fraud when his personal airplane, which had been stolen, mysteriously reappeared.
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Kundalini Tales
by Dr. Richard Sauder, Ph.D.
The personal testimony of the author of Underground Bases and Tunnels, which explains his interest in the subject. Contains accounts of UFO sightings, out-of-body experiences, levitation, and remote-distance mind control using electromagnetic vibrations that alter brain waves. It also contains some interesting info about astronauts taking Scottish Rite Masonic flags to the moon during the Apollo missions.
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Underground Bases and Tunnels: What is the Government Trying to Hide?
by Dr. Richard Sauder, Ph.D.
An excellent exposé of the unseen world beneath our feet: huge bases complete with living, dining and recreational facilities built to house secret government employees doing research on nuclear weapons space exploration and particle physics. Some are also built to house "the chosen few" in case of a national disaster. These are connected by tunnels that go on for thousands of miles. Also contains info about tunnels on the moon. Read more here.
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Underwater and Undeground Bases
by Richard Sauder, PhD.
This exciting sequel to his first book, Underground Bases and Tunnels, this one explores the underground tunnels built by the military-industrial complex that stretch for miles and miles beneath the ocean floor, as well as the technology used to build them and to keep them water-tight. Such tunnels are used for the storage of nuclear waste and secret weapons, secret, high-energy physics experiments, and to house the secret headquarters of a number of government agencies. Some are also built as potential homes for the nation’s elite in the event of a national emergency.
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