Dagobert's Revenge


By Madam XXY

It is well known that anyone who persists with ardent furtiveness in any spiritual discipline can and will eventually, sometimes unintentionally develop powers that are classified as “supernatural.” Consider all of the faith healers, Christian and otherwise, who have existed throughout history and whose abilities are inarguable to those who have witnessed them. Consider all of the clairvoyants, telekinetics, rainmakers, and others you have seen throughout your life, some of which have undoubtedly made you question the laws of nature by performing their fantastic feats. Any yogi will tell you that upon opening each chakra, new abilities are acquired. During meditation, you may hear sounds, see apparitions, experience feelings, tastes and scents associated with that particular chakra. Afterwards, you may find yourself able to hear the thoughts of others, pick up on their emotions, sees auras and predict the future through the faculty of precognition. Eventually you will be able to change physical reality with your mind alone. One obtains these abilities by gaining access to “shakti”, the underlying power of thevMost yogis will also tell you not to get “wrapped up” in the pursuit of such powers, for this may distract you from your ultimate goal of union with the Void. As it is written, “Any will but to give up the Self to the Beloved is Black Magick.” (This is why tantric yoga is so widely distrusted throughout the East; because it stimulates these powers. They may even tell you not to use such powers, or to only use them in certain situations, like under the guidance of a guru, and to make sure not to enjoy using them. To me, this is like saying “Don’t enjoy your ice cream; the only thing that matters is union with the Void”, or “Don’t have fun on your European vacation; the only thing that matters is union with the Void.” But why not? Ice cream is good. European vacations are good. Union with the Void is the ultimate goal of existence. No one is forgetting that - at least I hope not. But magickal powers are not only fun, they are extremely useful, and with the proper development they can even bring you more speedily to the moment of ego death.

The Ajna Chakra.

Clairvoyance is one of the easiest faculties to develop, requiring only a small amount of spiritual practice. You may have tried this with friends when you were in grade school. One person thinks up a message, and the other tries to clear his or her mind in order to receive it. I myself have only gotten this to work once or twice, but the results were unmistakable. In one instance during my 5th grade year in involved my friend Kelly and I. We were both referees for “Intramural Soccer”, and therefore were in charge of coordinating the game every day. We were out on the soccer field just dicking around, not even doing our jobs, when I said to Kelly, “Try to guess what I’m thinking.” She turned her back to me and we both closed our eyes for about a minute and a half. I tried with all of my will to project the thought It’s time to start the game straight into her skull. After the time was up she turned around and I asked her “So what do you think?” Without hesitation she replied: “I think it’s time to start the game.”

Sometimes projecting images can be somewhat easier. A friend of mine once related a story to me in which his brother placed something inside of a matchbox and asked him to guess what it was. My friend stared at the matchbox and tried to “see through” the cardboard to ascertain its contents. After a while he told his brother “All is see is a big doughnut.” His brother opened up the matchbox and revealed a Honey Nut Cheerio. (Incidentally, it is common knowledge that the use of psychedelic drugs can enhance this kind of communication, especially between close friends. I will happen instantaneously and without any effort necessary. However, the effects are usually temporary.)

Certainly it is not necessary to have a partner in order to practice clairvoyant skills. One well-known method is to take a deck of tarot cards (or playing cards, of you don’t have any) and try to “see” what is on the face of the card by staring at the back. (The Thoth tarot deck is suggested.) I used this method successfully by employing the use of a small white crystal from Yellowstone Park (in lieu of a crystal ball.) Each time I took a card from the deck, I would stare at the facets of the crystal and try to see what was depicted on the card. One of my most memorable successes came when I saw the image of four different animals all chained to the same unseen object. The Chariot, I thought, and indeed it was.

It is believed by many that people with clairvoyance or “second sight” are able to see with the “third eye”, a chakra situated in the “square inch” between the eyebrows. It is called “ajna”, meaning “unknowing” or “unaware”, and it possesses two white lotus petals (the symbol of duality), and bears the Sanskrit letters for h and ks. Within the lotus is a white triangle with the apex downward, and in the middle of that is a white, phallic-looking object called the “itara”, or “the other.” According to Arthur Avalon in The Serpent Power, “This is the incomparable and delightful abode of Vishnu. The excellent Yogi, at the time of death, joyfully places his vital breath (prana) here and enters (after death) that Supreme, Eternal, Birthless, Primeval Deva, the Purusa, who was before the three worlds...” The third eye has been identified with the pineal gland, what Descartes called “The seat of the soul.” This is a pea-sized, cone-shaped projection from the top of the midbrain responsible for the production of melatonin. The gland actually has an evolutionary history of acting as a “third eye.” Even today, simple vertebrates like the lamprey use it as a photoreceptive organ through an opening in the skull, and photoreceptive qualities have been observed in the pineal glands of reptiles and birds as well. In mammals, the gland itself is not light-sensitive, or so we are told, but it still has a neural connection with the eyes, which is why it only produces melatonin at night, when the lights are out. The production of melatonin induces sleep and reproduction, and has been linked with the onset of puberty. This is why breeders use artificial lighting to prolong the breeding season in animals. From my own experience, and that of several of my friends, the area between the eyebrows is not only sensitive to light, but also very sensitive to touch. We have obtained extraordinary results from rubbing it with various objects, and with out bare hands. The third eye reacts very differently depending on the object you are touching it with. It seems to be able to sense different chemical and substantive characteristics.

In the movie From Beyond (based on an H.P. Lovecraft story), an evil science professor invents a machine that causes the pineal gland to grow, thus enabling the subject to see things normally invisible, a whole new dimension filled with monstrous, carnivorous creatures. (It also causes sexual deviancy and an uncontrollable desire to eat brains. However, yogis believe that one can develop the ajna faculty simply by meditating on the chakra. The following quotation is from The Secret of the Golden Flower, an ancient Chinese text. It describes a method for opening up the ajna chakra and allowing the “white light” to stream in, thus developing the faculties associated with that organ. It is called “Fixed Contemplation”, and it involves looking at the tip of the nose.

Fixed Contemplation

“The two founders of Buddhism and Taoism have taught that one should look at the tip of one’s nose ...What is really meant by this? ...The nose must serve the eyes as a guideline. If one is not guided by the nose, either one opens wide the eyes and looks into the distance, so that the nose is not seen, or the lids shut too much, so that the eyes close, and again the nose is not seen ... Only when the eyelids are lowered properly halfway is the tip of the nose seen in just the right way. The main thing is to lower the eyelids in the right way, and then allow the light to stream in of itself, without effort, wanting the light to stream in concentratedly. Looking at the tip of the nose serves only as the beginning of the inner concentration, so that the eyes are brought into the right direction for looking, and then are held to the guideline: after that, one can let it be. That is the way a mason hangs up a plumbline. As soon as he has hung it up. he guides his work by it without continually bothering himself to look at the plumbline.

One looks with both eyes at the tip of the nose, sits upright and in a comfortable position, and holds the heart to the center in the midst of conditions. It does not necessarily mean the center of the head. It is only a matter of fixing one’s thinking on the point which lies exactly between the two eyes. Then all is well. The light is something extremely mobile. When one fixes the thought on the midpoint between the two eyes, the light streams in of its own accord.”

“The center in the midst of conditions is a very subtle expression. The centre is omnipresent; everything is contained in it; it is connected with the release of the whole process of creation.“

Fixating contemplation indispensable; it ensures the making fast of the enlightenment. Only one must not stay sitting rigidly if worldly thoughts come up, but one must examine where the thought is, where it began, and where it fades out. Nothing is gained by pushing reflection further. One must be content to see where the thought arose, and not seek beyond the point of origin.”

From the book Astral Projection, by Denning and Phillips

Another method for obtaining extrasensory information is to actually leave your physical body through astral projection, or the “out-of-body experience (O.BE.)” Although these experiences often occur at random and by accident, they can be purposefully brought about by consciously ejecting your astral substance through your solar plexus, or “Manipuraka” chakra. Then you can roam around the physical or the astral plane, read secret documents, visit people, watch them undress and even have “astral sex” with them, or go to a distant planet, or another dimension, or deep into the center of the earth, roam the various planes of existence, interrogate divine beings, or read the Akashic Records. Basically, you could obtain any information or astral experience that you could possibly think of, attached to the naval of your physical body by an all-important “astral cord, also known as the “silver chord.” You must stay attached by the silver chord or else you will not be able to get back. (Thus it is said that when you are dead “the chord is broken.”) It is suggested that you prepare for this exercise by keeping your body healthy, practicing prayer, fasting meditation, yoga, and especially pranic breathing, which means breathing in the “prana” or life-force that exists in the ether, “energizing” each one of your chakras.

Usually astral projection can be done simply by sitting or lying down in a meditative state and breathing rhythmically. There are, however, more ritualized methods for “skrying”, or “spirit-vision.” One such method is set down in the Golden Dawn Encyclopedia, compiled by Israel Regardie. This involves the use of colored shapes called tattwas - each representing a different ether current (same as the Hindu pranas), which supposedly flow from the light of the Sun. “In short”, writes Regardie, “they are the currents of the subplanes of the Astral Light. They are: Prithivi (Earth), Vayu (Air), Tejas (Fire), Apas (Water), and Akasa (spirit). Prithivi is represented by a yellow square, Vayu by a blue disc, Tejas by a red triangle, Apas by a silver crescent and Akasa by a black egg. Each tattwa takes precedence over a specific time period each day. Each period also consists of five sub-periods in which that element itself goes through the stages of the other elements. For instance, Akasa would go through the stages: Akasa of Akasa, Vayu of Akasa, Tejas of Akasa, Apas of Akasa and Prithivi of Akasa. So when creating the symbols of the five stages of an element, one may place the symbol of the sub-tattwa inside of the larger tattwa. For the purpose of developing clairvoyance, one is encouraged to create cards bearing these symbols out of bits of colored paper, and to write on the back the names of the divine and angelic beings that correspond to that particular element.

Now we get to the method of obtaining clairvoyance, which is indeed very simple. Find a space where you can be alone, unobserved, in a quiet environment during the period of a chosen Tattwa whose essence you wish to develop. Take the tattwa and stare at it unflinchingly for about 20 seconds. You then transfer your attention to a white surface, such as a wall or a piece of paper, where you will see the image, now burned into your retinas, appear in its complimentary color. Now close your eyes and imagine this shape as standing before you, like a portal or a gate, which gradually expands until you are able to pass through it. One does this by employing the Sign of the Enterer, the Sign of Horus. This Sign, also referred to as “groping for light”, and it will allow you to project your astral body through the portal. To aid this you may attempt to “feel” the element on which you are meditating on, “soak yourself in it”, so to speak. Try to envision a landscape before you representing the element. Once you are inside, sit down again and allow the door to close behind you. Then take a look at the surrounding area. For instance, if the element is Earth, you should see grass, trees, rocks, hills and rolling plains. Writes Regardie, “There should be a strong sense of being within the element; the seer should understand, as he has never quite realized before, the true nature of the element. At this point, one should begin vibrating the divine names written on the back of the card, each slowly and several times. This should cause the landscape to “come to life”, to become more colorful, electrified, and vivid. Now an astral guide should appear, dressed in clothing whose colors and decorations and congruous with the Tattwa in question. If not, keep vibrating the names until he does appear, or until you sense his presence, even if he cannot be seen. Before allowing the guide to take you anywhere, you must test him, which is done by making the Sign of the Zelator. The guide should reply in kind. If he is an imposter, which often occurs, the apparition will disintegrate. You should ask him specifically if he has come to aid the deity whose element you have now entered. If his reply is satisfactory then you may follow him wherever he takes you. Observe carefully, ask him questions, try to take it all in. Note what kinds of plants, animals and minerals reside there find out how they influence us here in the three-dimensional plane. If you have entered a compound Tattwa with a secondary element, you will be passed from one guide to another, and must employ the same tests with the second one. At the end of your tour, bid them a kind farewell. “Always treat these beings with courtesy and in accord with their rank”, writes Regardie. “Pay deference to the superior beings, the Archangels, Angels and Rulers. To those of lower rank, bear yourself as an equal; and to those lower still, as servants whom you treat politely, but do not allow familiarity.” He also encourages the practitioner to imagine himself as large as possible in order to maintain self-confidence. After you have said good-bye, retrace your steps and return to the portal. You again make the Sign of the Enterer and, passing through, resume your bodily consciousness. Immediately rise to your feet and perform the Sign of Silence, pressing your left forefinger to your lips and stamping your right foot. Afterwards, tell no one what occurred. When you have completed this operation several times with each Tattwa and sub-Tattwa combination, you will begin to develop clairvoyant powers, which will start out suddenly and gradually become very strong.

The variety of methods for stimulating the faculty of clairvoyance, as well as the variety of things that can be done with it, are almost limitless, and by no means are they all covered here. I would encourage you to do your own research and find the method or methods that best suit you, then have fun developing and exploring this fantastic magickal power.

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