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To the faithful readers of
Dagobertís Revenge Magazine:

We come to you today with an urgent message regarding the state of affairs here at Dagobertís Revenge. I urge those of you who are capable of lending assistance to please do so, for the sake of the Widow's Son.

Dagobertís Revenge began in 1999 as a humble hand-stapled ízine, made on xerox paper and founded on a budget of $100. The motives for the establishment of Dagobertís Revenge were pure: it was created out of devotion to the spirit of the Grail. The founders of Dagobertís Revenge felt absolutely compelled to embark upon this endeavor; compelled by a mysterious higher force, inspired in every detail of the work, and obligated to complete it at all costs. For us, it has been a long, arduous journey - and a labor of love - but we have accomplished much, and improved steadily over the years.

We have gone from being a minor, locally-distributed newsletter, a mere pamphlet, to being perhaps the best mystically-oriented publication of the last two decades. We are soon to be carried by five of the largest magazine distributors in North America, and our magazine is available in retail stores all around the world. We have managed to penetrate the mass media with our seemingly obscure and esoteric message, including the NY Press, LA Weekly, CMJ Monthly, late-night radioís Coast to Coast AM, and Fox TVís In Search Of... We have brought our readers numerous thought-provoking interviews with like minded artists and intellectuals, including the grandfather of our niche genre, Henry Lincoln (co-author of Holy Blood, Holy Grail.) But most of all, our research has contributed greatly to the understanding of the Holy Grail mythos, and we have taken our studies far beyond the heretical belief in the bloodline of Christ to the very secrets of the ages: the Hermetic tradition, and the antediluvian civilization from which it originated. Out work has been an inspiration, as well as a bibliographical resource, to many of our fellow researchers in the field. In the process, our work has spawned a growing subculture centered on the mysteries of the Grail: the Arcadian Mystique. Over the years, we have ceaselessly and selflessly served the Grail, often financing these endeavors with our own meager personal resources.

We have now reached a point where our magazine can only go one of two ways: up or down. We need your help to ensure that this ship we are navigating doesnít capsize.

We have reached a point where our current audience is larger than our capacity to reach them, and our potential audience is even larger. We have too much demand and not enough supply. This is a problem that has been brewing for some time, and it has been the cause of numerous publication delays. It simply costs too much per copy to publish at this level.

But with a financial shot in the arm, this problem could be neutralized, while at the same time bringing Dagobertís Revenge, as a magazine, up to the next level: higher production quality, more pages per issue, a higher press run, and a much greater frequency of publication. This will enable us to exponentially grow the ďDagobertís Revenge communityĒ, and to bring you more of the rich content our loyal readers so appreciate.

With your help, we can kick-start this Arcadian Renaissance, and fulfill the important work that we have been commissioned to do.

Without your help, it is likely that we will not be able to continue our work much longer.

Fraternally Yours,

The Dagobertís Revenge Editorial Staff

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