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From a tract by Jack Chick.

In the beginning, we are told, was the word. If this is true, then common sense tells us that music must have followed shortly thereafter. While many still argue about the exact date of these occurences, it is safe to say that music has both evolved and stagnated along with the evolutionary tides of mankind.

A current look at today's music industry will show you just how much that music has stagnated in recent years. Just the fact that we call it an industry should tell you that music, on the whole, has become a tired, formulaic, uninspiring art form, churned out by the mainstream record companies more for profit margin than actual artistic value. At Dagobert's Revenge we strive to free our ears and yours from this formula.

Thankfully, there have always been the innovators of the world to help give evolution a kick in the pants. These musickal innovators, and the musick that they make, are what we, at Dagobert's Revenge, value. Their creative inspirations and summonings of the muses are a veritable treasure akin to that which may lie buried at Rennes-le-Chateau, but much more easily findable.

Much like Aleister Crowley differentiated the hand-is-quicker-than-the-eye tricks, and illusions of stage magic from the transformative and enlightening process of ritual Magick, we too, have decided to make a slight alteration in how we refer to the inspirations of these innovators.To differentiate between the formulaic and the inspiring we have decided to let ordinary music be music and to let that which is different in nature and construction be music with a "k", or Musick.

Below you will find links to a variety of musick makers. We encourage you to visit these links and to find out more about the exciting musick that these artists make. In an effort to break free from the mundane we also ask that you suggest other innovators that merit inclusion within this list of musick links. E-mail your suggestions to jpbergman@dagobertsrevenge.com.


Ambient Temple of Imagination

Arcturus and the Deception Circus


The Autumns

Axis Mundi


Blood Axis

Bogus Blimp

The Brickbats

By a Thread


Christus Christus

Chthonic Force

The Circus Of The Scars

Current 93


Dark Funeral

Death In June

Die Berbanten Kinder Evas



Fifty Tons of Black Terror


The Galerkin Method

The Gnomes of Zurich

Guyana Punch Line

Jupiter Affect

Lady Cadaver

Lady Morphia

The Legendary Pink Dots

The Machine In the Garden

The Mirror Reveals

A Murder of Angels

The Order of the NCS


Picture Mommy Dead

The Pros


The Queers

Boyd Rice/NON

Second Skin


Sisyphus Autopsy

Sophia Run

Sorrow/Rose McDowall

The Spectral Light and Moonshine Firefly Snakeoil Jamboree


Stone Breath



The Templars

Thee Majesty

Tom Waits



The Unquiet Void


David E. Williams

Windham Hell

Where Fear and Weapons Meet

Will Haven

The Winter Chapter

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