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It's All About Exposure to Your Target Audience
Many occult-related and niche websites find themselves paying huge sums for banner advertising in mass markets. While this does get your name seen by large numbers of people, if these aren't the sort of people who are interested in your subject matter, it is money wasted.

It does not have to be this way. We have just set up a new banner advertising system for so that you can take advantage of the targeted exposure you'll get from Dagobert's Revenge readers. If you have a website that needs to be promoted and is related to the subject matter of Dagobert's Revenge, this is the perfect chance to take advantage of a wonderful oppourtunity.

Many of our readers have e-mailed us saying that they were astounded to find so many of their specific interests reflected here, and they were excited to finally find a place that represents their unique views. Our readers tend to be well-read, intelligent, curious, reflective, analytical, and independent-minded. They come from a wide array of age groups, races, and social strata, from teenage experimental music fans to 70 year old Freemasons. And they are always hungry for new intellectual stimuli.

Product Promotions
If you have a product that you would like to promote to Dagobert's Revenge Magazine and readers, we are always happy to discuss print/web combination advertising packages.

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