Dagobert's Revenge

Ambient Temple of Imagination


It is blatantly obvious that Richard Sun of ATOI has gotten his inspiration from Crowley, Regardie, and other godfathers of modern esoterica, as well as a few well-dropped doses and perhaps some secret transmissions from the Dog Star Sirius. But what would you expect from the son of an avowed Satanist who ran a Beatnik “Speakeasy” in Chicago (The Witch’s Haven) during the 1960s? This latest release from ATOI is like audio meta-programming for psychedelic illuminoids - it’s trippy, well-produced, and worthy of much meditation. Despite the misspelling of “Kaos”, it doesn’t sound like Richard’s spent too many hours hunched over a copy of the Psychonomicon or Liber Null. He’s stated previously that he believes the power of music lies in its capacity to be used for mind control, and these sounds have been crafted to have a calculated effect upon certain regions of the brain. I expect Richard Sun to continue his scientific experiments well into the next millennium. Let’s hope his sequencers are Y2K-compliant.

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