Dagobert's Revenge


Stirb Und Werde

In these recordings, made between 1989 and 1999, the artists have captured the feeling of standing in one of those magical telluric sites of electromagnetic activity that act as a gateway between heaven and earth, where you can hear the sounds of angels rising and falling, the echo of a trickling stream across a deep cavern of nothingness. Mixing industrial and hard rock with what could be construed as “ethereal Goth” (complete with appropriately poetic lyrics), Allerseelen sings the heralds of Lord Lucifer and celebrates the humaan will. The inside cover is littered with photos of the famous Stonehenge-like monument known as Externsteine, located in the Teutobureg Forest in the German province of Westphalia. Externsteine is a very important site in Teutonic mythology, being the suspected location for the Nordic World-Tree, Yggdrasil, the center of the Earth, and it is for this reason that Heinrich Himmler chose the nearby castle of Wewelsburg for the headquarters of his “Kinghts od the Round Table”, made up of his inner circle of twelve S.S. officers. Mixed among the photographs of Externsteine are some stills from Kenneth Anger’s film Lucifer Rising, starring Marianne Faithful, which was filmed at Externsteine. Come to think of it, tracks number one and fourteen, both the same and titled “Light”, sound suspiciously like the soundtrack to that film. Hmmmm. This tendancy towards Luciferianism is further revealed in the lyrics to song number four, “Feuervogel (Fire Bird)”, which go,:” do you know me, the fire bird. I baptize you with fire. I baptise you with light.” Other songs like “All Lust Wants Eternity”, “Flame” and “Deadly Pale Twilight” have lyrics ripped straight from Friedrich Nietzsche. “Flame”, by the way is one of the catchier songs, sung by a female vocalist who succeeds in sounding very “Nordic.” The whole album is deep, spiritual, and as unnerving as the German language can be. Let the Great Blond Beast within be released!

c/o Petak
Postfach 778, A-101, Wein, Österreich

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