Dagobert's Revenge


Fire of Life 7”

This is a song that was written in 1975 and recently remastered with the help of Michael Moynihan. It was written by R.N. Taylor, a well-known artist and author on völkish subjects who at the time was, along with his band Changes, associated with the bizzare Scientology spin-off known as The Process Church of the Final Judgement, notorious for their alleged involvement with the Manson Family. The music is acoustic and Teutonic folk oriented, with Taylor’s Thor-like voice booming lyrics such as “Can’t you see the world is burning? Can’t you feel the fire burnign? Don’t you know we all are burning? Fire of Life.” On the other side is a much less uplifting song called “Icarus”, named after the son of Daedalus, who in escaping from imprisonment fell into the sea when the wax of his wings melted as he flew too near the sun. It is from this myth that we get our word “Icarian”, meaning “soaring too high for safety”, or “inadequate for an ambitious project” (Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary.) Taylor is apparently using the myth of Icarus as a metaphor for modern man in this sonng, kindof like Zager & Evans’ “2525”, with lyrics like “See the test tube babies forming, all alike in even rows”, and “Their computer giants ticking, Thought Police control our lives” - hopelessly technophobic and anti-progressive statements against the marvels of scientific discovery that I don’t even want to touch with my analytical pen. But you are certainly welcome to.

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