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Chthonic Force

Chthonic Force

review by Count Backwards

Chthonic Force For those who don’t know, the word “chthonic” has a singular and very specific meaning: “Infernal.” It is that which comes from the subterranean realms of the underworld, Hades, where the Devil and his minions rule over the souls of the unfortunate dead. There is no doubt that the mission announced on the cover of this CD, represented by a picture of a pretty young woman getting her throat slashed, is diabolically accomplished. The Roman poet Ovid once wrote, “Pleasure is sweetest when it’s paid for by another’s pain”, and from what I hear on this CD, Chthonic Force members Tim Madison (AKA Vadge Moore, The Dwarves, Neither/Neither World) and Wendy Van Dusen (Neither/Neither World) would seem to agree. This is expressed clearly in the first song, “Pleasure Kill”, about the sick joy that one can experience by purposefully causing the death of another. and unconscious desire of the id. Track #2 is a the perfect tribute to the Trenchcoat Mafia, a deadpan reading by guest star Monte Cazazza of the biographies of all the kids who died at Columbine, apparently from the newspaper. “Primate God”, the third song, is an angry, blood-and-thunder bombast against the “primitive” Christian religion. “You have made your God in your own image: he is ugly, stupid, and pathetic... I spit on your civilization. You don’t know the meaning of the word.” Following that, there’s a sweet, sad song called “In and Out of Sin” with Wendy Van Dusen singing on it that reminds me of the Bangles for some reason, and the Cure. It’s one of the better songs on the album. The next song of interest is “Death to Day”, another hellish celebration of the process of extinguishing life. “Helios” is a bit of a departure, a dark paean to the sun, or should I say, a paean to the dark sun? “Demon Rum” is a glorification of alcoholic potations, “the devil’s drink”, and “Nihil” is an accolade of the Great Void of Existence. Track #11, “Assume the Position” features Boyd Rice as orator on the subject of domination and servitude. “Oppression is the opiate of the masses”, he opines. “People genuinely get off on it.” This track can also be found on the latest Boyd Rice album, The Way I Feel. Finally, the last track, “Minski”, is the story of a man who “eats what he fucks” and who finds that “the sights and the sounds of his victims pain bring his prick to erection again and again. The quotation from Oswald Spengler that can be found underneath the CD sums up the entire release. “Only dreamers believe that there is a way out. Optimism is cowardice.”

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