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Luminous Darkness

Cyclobe makes music that summons images of walking down a dark Lovecraftian alley, finding you’re drawn there by strange, half-heard sounds. Then you find that you’re getting closer, drawn by a strange impulse, a child like curiosity, but actually you never really get there, finding that those precious first impressions begin to fade. At least that’s what I got when I first heard it. Cyclobe is Stephen Thrower and Simon Norris. Stephen was with Coil up until the release, "Loves Secret Domain", and Simon was with Death in June, having played on some of they’re best records like …"But What Ends When Symbols Shatter?"

It doesn’t sound that much like DIJ, or even like a mixture of the two, like you might think. Rather, they find they’re own space that (for me at least) creates a kind of cinematic atmosphere, kind of like walking in a movie, or at least a Lynch/Tarcovsky movie! Incidentally two of the pieces on "Luminous Darkness" were commissioned as theater projects (see their website) so maybe I’m not far off the mark. As they put it: ”trying to achieve higher awareness…..with sound as pathfinders. Using intuition, emotion and the power of the senses….” Tracks like "Each And Every Word Must Die", "The Blue And The Green" and "Thinking Feeling" are especially evocative of this sacred space I’m talking about, a peculiar tinge of sensation and emotion that unfortunately is lacking in much of the whole “electronic-ambient-whatever” scene that’s popular these days. There is a big difference between just making weird sounds with a synth and crafting and blending those sounds into a potent sonic brew like Cyclobe has. I recommend it to anybody interested in music without boundaries.

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Review by Felipe Iragorri

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