Dagobert's Revenge

Die Berbanten Kinder Evas

In Darkness Let Me Dwell

review by James P. Bergman

Those who can remember the musickal majesty of early Dead Can Dance releases will find a veritable treasure within this epic release, and more. Itís got the same dramatic classical instrumentation. . . intense kettle drums, gregorian-like chanting, and all the other things early Dead Can Dance possessed, only Die Berbanten Kinder Evas sounds much darker and foreboding. Like the real thing. Not some recreative attempt using 21st century studio techniques and electronic equipment, although I am sure that they do. For this is truly monolithic musick that sounds as if it were made in a different era. Swelling with shadowy orchestrated tones, this release manages to transport the listener into other-worldly realms. Medieval dirges, punctuated by militaristic snares, renaissance horns, and beautiful monastic vocals. Truly evoking the Dark Ages from whence this musick comes, without being celtic, new-agey, or light. Their name translates as: The exile of the children of the Goddess, and their overall sound reflects the name. Anyone into neo-classical, rennaissance-like, pagan musicks ought to like this. Very good stuff and if you havenít figured it out by now, highly recommended stuff.

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