Dagobert's Revenge


Trick 002

A new age is dawning, and if all New Age music sounded like this, I’d listen to New Age music. Actually I don’t know if these guys consider themselves New Age or not. They might resent the implication. But when you put a map of Atlantis and a cross-section of the Giza pyramid on the inside of your album cover, it’s easy to be misunderstood. Now by New Age I’m not saying that this is music for the health food and aromatherapy crowd, for people who attend seminars on yoga at the Learning Annex, or for people who think that dolphins are the smartest creatures on Earth. This is not music for people who attach themselves to smarmy do-gooder humanitarian social causes, or who chain themselves to a tree to save the spotted owl, or latent Marxists who think that what the world needs now is love sweet love, or for people who think that we should all join hands and come together as one, right now, over me. This is not for people who would “like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.” It’s not for people who dance around in the woods with their “sisters”, trying to commune with their “mother goddess”, or who’ve got a bumper sticker on their car that says “Visualize World Peace.” It’s not for people who wear Birkenstocks and beads and sweaters made of hemp and long purple skirts and no brassieres and who use henna and Dr. Bronner’s shampoo and Tom’s all-natural toothpaste and a minimal amount of soy-based, cruelty-free make-up. This music is not considered a homeopathic remedy. Rather this is music for the Aeon of Horus, or perhaps according to some the Aeon of Maat, when monotheism and polytheism are united into a single potent force, and Man is free to live up to his full potential. This is music for the next stage in human evolution, for when the Earth is finally cleansed of its impure elements, and the will of the strong is no longer sacrificed for the corrupted idealism of the weak. This is music for the day when the planets finally align and the poles shift and the Thulians come stumbling out of their underground bunkers and the spacemen who created us finally return to shepherd their flock. That’s all I meant by “New Age” music, no offense. Anyway, it’s pretty good, so you should buy the album. Open up your mind. Oops. Sorry.

Jester Records
c/o Voices of Wonder
PO Box 2010
Grünerlokka, 0505 Oslo, Norway

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