Dagobert's Revenge

Where Fear and Weapons Meet

The Weapon

A band with a drummer named Jason Deucifer is surely to be feared, and here is where fear and weapons meet. They were signed to Revelation Records without putting out a demo tape and having played only a few shows. They immediately released a self-titled 7”. Instant success seems to have come to them after that. They’ve done a number of tours, music festivals, and compilation records. Then they went home to Florida and recorded The Weapon in about 20 minutes, which is approximately how long it take to listen to this album. These songs are short and sweet, in a jarring, hardcore punk kind of way. One song in particular, “Bright Future”, is 7 seconds long. These guys like to them of themselves as mature, insightful people who have a lot of “positive” advice to give to the new generation. As the lyrics to “Bright Future” tell us, “The youths direction is clear. We’re strong, have nothing to fear. Our future bright and new.” In “Half Full”, they state that “Out glass is always half full”, that “Positive thinking is the right state of mind, always concentrating on the bright side”, and that “I never stop for one minute believing that better days will come my way.” Doesn’t that make you just wanna take that noose from around your neck and not go through with it today? In “Speak the Truth”, lead singer Alex Wall Street Justice recommends that we speak honestly with our friends rather than telling them what they want to hear. In “Perspective”, he encourages people to hold on to their viewpoints and opinions, but to listen to those of others as well, because, “My convictions have always made me stronger”, and “Closed minds and old-fashioned ways must be cleared away.” In “Are you Happy”, he confronts a friend with his self-centeredness, asking him, “Are you happy because you don’t give a fuck about no one else?” Finally, in “Under the Bridge” (no relation to the Chili Peppers song), he discusses the importance of forgiveness. If it weren’t for the occasional use of the word “fuck”, this would be the perfect gift for parents to give to their teenagers, because, as Alex himself has said, “Honesty, caring and family are still hardcore.” Tipper Gore would be proud.

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