Dagobert's Revenge


on the verge...

You wouldn’t expect these guys to rock the way they do. T-shirts, short hair, ball caps; they’re a bunch of cute guys your Mom would let you go to the movies with. For all their hardcore/punk pretenses, these guys aren’t a threat to anybody. They might be seen on the cover of 17 magazine. They’ve probably got 15 years of college between the 5 of them. If they got in a fight with Blur, I don’t know who would win. But most of their fans are not starry-eyed teenage girls. In fact, most of them are probably malicious, fun-loving teenage boys who are likely to listen to this while grouped around a Sony Playstation and sucking on a three-foot bong. Soon they’ll all go out for tacos. But don’ t get me wrong. Flashpoint does rock. In fact, they were personally picked by Ozzy Osbourne to be at the Ozzfest this year. If they sound like the Deftones it’s because they share the same producer. The songs are both heavy and harmonic, catchy and fun. A slick cover of Dramarama’s “Anything” makes the record definitely worth buying.

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