Dagobert's Revenge

Guyana Punch Line

Maximum Smashism

While the music of Guyana Punch Line has a taste that must be acquired through prolonged, repeated, bone-rattling exposure, the concept behind the band is quite brilliant. In a liner note essay entitled “What can I tell you about the Guano Pinch Loaf?”, their friend Becky Hamrick extols their virtues, referring to the band as an outgrowth of the “Santee Avenue Scene”, which must be a street in their hometown. She quotes bassist M. Thompson in describing this place as “The Velveteen Toilet.” The members of Guyana are definitely into the occult, as the inside cover to this album attests. For example, the lyrics to the song “The Red Sea” tell the esoteric, qaballistic version of the story of Moses crossing the Red Sea by using the power of the Shemhamphorash , or 72-fold name of God to make the waters part. This is further explained by a lengthy quote from a book about the Shemhamphorash and a picture of a horned deity playing a pan flute. On the page about the “Guano Pinch Loaf”, they have a drawing of a Masonic square and compass with a skull and crossbones, as well as a drawing of the astrological correspondences of the human body. On the opposite page there is a diagram from Robert Fudd’s alchemical De Musica Mundana, and a paragraph about “The Theory of Elemental Music” that can only be read with a magnifying glass. Later on we have the song “Protect the Fear”, which, as the “Boring Sophomoric Lyric Explanation” tells us, is about kids in black clothes who get falsely accused of “occult-related” crimes, which is something the author obviously identifies with. Guyana Punch Line has a mystical approach to rebelling against authority, both religious and secular. the name of the band refers to the Jim Jones affair, which is why the CD is decorated with pictures of a punk rock Kool-Aid jar dancing around. In the notes to the song, “Fairweather Jonestown”, they explain that “Jim Jones was a positive solution for the problem of stupid people taking up space.” They consider themselves “(R) evolutionaries” of the highest order, advocating “Smashism” against “the squares”, “commercial Crassism”, “corporate fascism”, “PC Passifism (sp)”, “red tape”, “cliché culture”, “chaotic beauracracy”, the cops”, “the boss”, “the media”, “the gods”, etc. They recommend “Revolution for the Hell of it”, and they mean business. They even have a song inspired by the words of Charles Manson at his trial, “These children that come at you with knives, they are your children. You taught them.” If I were you, folks, I’d pick up this CD before its makers are hauled away on charges of domestic terrorism.

Prank Records
P.O. Box 416892
San Francisco, CA 94141-6892

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