Dagobert's Revenge

Lady Morphia

Recitals To Renewal

review by James P. Bergman

Hailing from England, Lady Morphia are a welcomed inclusion to the apocalyptic folk genre. At times sounding similar to Death In June’s latest musickal incarnations, yet, all the while, managing to remain individualistic in their approach. Beautiful, shimmering guitar work, and a songwriting sensibility that is pure craftsmanship. Occassional smatterings of piano, strings, kettledrums and the like. Stoic vocals sung with a cold tone are a highlight, and the lyrics are as intense as the way they are sung. “Divine Equilibrium, this is the law” is just a sampling of their law-of-the-strong-like lyrics. The Tuetonic apocalypse, Ragnarok, finally arriving; Holy Spirits crying for blood; weeping wounds; the stillness of night; rapturous prayer; the decay of beauty; and manifold mysteries are just some of the lyrical fare that you are in store for by listening to this release. As well, the whole work is dedicated to the memory of Ernst Junger, and the influence shows. While I would reccommend this to anyone into World Serpent musicks and apocalyptic folk, I also would reccommend it to those that normally would listen to different musick. While it’s not quite a masterpiece, I would venture to say that, down the road, Lady Morphia are quite capable of creating a recording that will stand the test of time. In the meantime, we’ll just have to settle for the amazingly good, Recitals To Renewal, and wait for the masterpiece that is sure to come soon.

e-mail: LMorphia@aol.com

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