Interview: Smash Into Collide (2002)
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Smash Into Collide

Interview by, James Bergman

Collide is a musickal project like no other. A duo consisting of Statik and kaRIN, Collide have made huge inroads towards success with their unique and potent musick. The honey throated vocals provided by singer kaRIN fit cocoon like within the studio wizardry and audio alchemy that Statik adeptly provides, making Collide a force to be reckoned with. If you have not yet heard their wonderful musick, then you should. More information about them can be found online at:

DR: How well has your amazing cover of Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit" been received by radio and by the clubs of America? Why did you choose this song to cover? Are they one of your musickal influences? Who are your musickal and vocal influences?

Statik: It was a song that I would often hear when I went to a certain club. And every time, I told myself I wanted to do a version of the song. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it right from the start. They aren't a musical influence really, I just like the song.

kaRIN: In general, we have been extremely lucky for all of the support that we have received, it really does help keep us inspired and working hard to know that our music is meaningful to other people. It's funny about "White Rabbit", people either really like it or don't. I guess with a cover song people always have a preconceived notion of what it should sound like. As far as musical influences, I would say that the ones that probably impacted me the most are Kate Bush and David Bowie, those are two artists that I really respect. What really counts for me is an artist that reaches all levels and lasts the test of time.

DR: I have a theory that your name, Collide, is symbolic of how many diverse styles your music reflects and how those styles often collide. Is this theory even partly true or is it just a baseless theory? What is the origin of your name?

kaRIN: That's very true, we thought long and hard on a name and considered a lot of different ones. When we thought of the name Collide, we knew it was perfect for us because we are both so contrasting in our approach and the different influences that effect our music.

Statik: Whenever we are making a song, there is always some point where our opinions are colliding. We each have definite opinions about most things, and neither one of us gives up easily.

kaRIN: I could not imagine if there were more people in the band who wanted an input, as we both are control freaks and very hands on...sometimes it's a joke really as we butt heads.

DR: Has your diverse sound (gothic, industrial, EBM, Breakfast, and techno influences) caused some of those who might be receptive to your musick to instead be confounded? How would you describe the musick that you produce?

Statik: I don't really think in terms of any particular sound. I don't really like music that all sounds the same, anyway. What I do like is music that sounds new to my ear. Of course the song has to be good, but I want it to be interesting too. I always hate describing our music. It's electronic....ummm, that's about as far as I can go.

kaRIN: I think of it as layers of emotional orchestrated noise. When we first started working on music, we sent it to friends and family and it was clearly misunderstood. Fortunately, we just continued and made the music that we wanted to hear. Then when we found that people were responding well to it, it actually kind of surprised us.

DR: How long have you guys been at this and how many releases are available?

kaRIN: This is our third release and we've been at it for 8 or so years, we loose track of time.

DR: Statik, how do you go about producing some of the complex sounds and beats that you feature on your releases? It certainly sounds like much care has been taken on every second of your musick, and I am wondering what sort of work ethic is involved in the construction of your sound? What sort of equipment/software is used?

Statik: I have built up a large collection of sounds for my sampler, so when I'm making a part, it's a matter of going through a bunch of sounds till I find one that close to what's in my head. From there I may have to manipulate it in the computer or from some external box. Once everything is in the computer it's a matter of listening and more listening. I try really find space for each part. I primarily use an Akai S 6000, and Pro-Tools. And with everything we do, it's just tweaking and listening and tweaking and listening.

DR: kaRIN, you have one of the most angelic voices in music right now, how did it get that way and have you been properly schooled in singing instructions, etc.?

kaRIN: WOW, I am so flattered, as for how it got that way, I am not sure. I always loved to sing, I used to love to hang out with friends and we would sing every song that we knew. When I sing, I do not have a very powerful voice so I really try to control the tone.

Statik: What about your two years that you went to angel singing school?

kaRIN : Yes it's a very exclusive school, hard to get into.

DR: kaRIN, what inspires you lyrically and what are some of the themes of your lyrics?

kaRIN: I am inspired by everything...I like to take in as much new exposure as I can get and then smash it around inside my head and let it out in a creative way. I love the idea of art therapy, if you have things troubling you, turn them around into something positive. As far as the themes to my lyrics, it varies, I like to sing from my subconscious and just allow things to come out and then to structure them later. Sometimes I deal with subjects as a dichotomy, as I view the world as a balance of elements. I try to reach deep inside myself to bring up the topics that effect me and be as honest as I can. I like to writhe between the lines of light and darkness, as too much of any one side would tip the scales.

DR: You guys don't sound like the typical Hollywood music project, what is it like living there and making music amongst all those industry mucky-mucks? and how well is your musick received by the locals?

kaRIN: I am not sure what is typical, I love living here, as far as the industry "mucky-mucks" we don't really deal with them at all so I would not know. There are lots of other very cool bands that we are friends with who all live close in the area.

Statik: Is a mucky muck related to an oompa loompa? I don't think we are typical. We don't play out, as of yet, and everyone else that we know does. We just make music that we like and work hard at it. After finishing a song or a whole CD, I never really know how people will like it, but all in all, most people that are into electronic music seem to appreciate the work and time we put into it.

DR: Which leads me to my next question, how often do you guys play live and how do you pull off all of the studio wizardry live?

kaRIN: To date we have never played live, because we don't really know the answer to that to pull it off live which is one of the reasons why we have not explored it yet? The other big reason is that there is never enough time to do all the things that we want to do, it's takes us a long time to make the music that we want to hear.

Statik: I would like somebody to really come along and put together everything that we need for a live show. I feel like I did the CD...can't somebody else do the rest? I'll get up there live, but it's just the whole figuring out what's need, and where, and who'll play what that's the hard part.

DR: What are your goals as a musical project and what can we expect from you in the near future?

kaRIN: My goal is to make the best music that we can.

Statik: We'll just keep making music as long as we still enjoy it.

DR: Is there a question that has so far not been asked of you guys by an interviewer that you wish would be asked? and if so what is the question and your answer to it?

kaRIN: Mmmnn... a question that has not been asked that I would like to be asked?

Statik: I would like someone to ask kaRIN why she has a Spock ear?

kaRIN: I think he's got that a little mixed up.

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