review by James P. Bergman

Siebenburgen is the old European name for that vampyric region known now as Transylvania, and their musick is black gothic vampyre metal for the masses. Guttural vocals by Marcus Ehlin juxtaposed by the angelic voice of Kicki Hoijertz, double-bass drums kicking like possessed mules, and guitar leads that cut deeply into your veins. Galloping rhythms that chunka-chunk to dead stops and then go in the opposite direction with new time-signatures. Nice production and an overall sound similar to a 21st century Wagner opera gone mad. Apparently this took 6 months to record and the effort was well worth it. Lots of lyrics about fires burning, sacrifices, souls, and other forbidden and spooky things. Lots of songs with words like sin, dark, crimson, night, and infernal in the title. If you are a fan of Cradle Of Filth or Theatre Of Tragedy, then you will surely love this. So get out the cloves of garlic and your holy water to protect yourself from all the sounds you’ll discover on this overall excellent release. Did I mention that the cover features a woman with bloodied lips in a graveyard on it?

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