Dagobert's Revenge

The Order of the NCS

Music for the Rituals of the New Poison

This was sent to me by a bizarre underground label called Sacrum Torch (motto: We gild the lily) who described the entire CD as one big long magick ritual written by Lisa & Eric Hammer of Mors Syphilitica & performed only once, in a dark, cave-like club in the west village, NYC." I went to a Mors Syphilitica show a few months ago and was bored into a coma, so I was surprised to find most of this album quite interesting. I dont think that I would participate in such a ritual, but I can certainly respect it. Some of the lyrics are a bit too esoteric" for me to quote with a good conscience (well, OK: wash over me, quench me, rain down on me passion...I will bridle the sun in its flaming glory...), they are delivered with the proper amount of soft, angelic, harmonious spookiness to give it a real mystique. The diabolic incantations sound as if they were delivered by the Great Beast himself, and Mr. & Mrs. Hammer obviously know their Latin. (Enochian too, maybe?) The musical accompaniment is very appropriate, quite effective at putting one in the other-worldly state of mind necessary for magick to work. The cover art is quite good, too, an oil canvas painting by Eric Hammer that was used in the ritual. The best part, though, was the Sacrum Torch catalogue that came with, cleverly written like a smart-ass rock zine and filled with both shameless self-promotion and snide, irreverent comments about their own releases. In it I found ads for: CDs from Catbutt, Lubricated Goat and R. Crumb & the Cheap Suit Serenades; magazines like Ratcatching, Meatcake, and Funeral Party; vampire dolls, a dead Christmas tree and artwork such as Botticellis Venus as a Junior Homecoming Queen, Impregnated with Spermatozoon, Sodium Hydroxide and Aluminum Flakes, Alongside Lilith, the Virgin Mary, and a Fat Whore Named Jimmy Sue, by Brandon Ballengée. On the last page there is a membership application for the Sacrum Torch Society for the Aid and Advancement of the Human Condition, where they invite youto find your secret orifice and feel 2 to 5 months younger. Needless to say, the catalogue is very entertaining. If you wish to purchase any of these items, write to:

Sacrum Torch, Ltd.
PO Box 278
Prince St. Station
New York, NY, 10012

The CD is $13.00 (+$3.00 S & H), the catalogue is $2.00 and membership in the secret society is $10.55. I'd join myself, but I've made prior obligations, and one cannot take those oaths too seriously!

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