Dagobert's Revenge

Picture Mommy Dead

Dead Girls Are Easy

review by James P. Bergman

Ever wondered what an ever-evolving subculture that holds The Insane Clown Posse in high esteem will produce? Well, PMD will give you an answer to that question in case youíve ever wondered. This self-produced, homemade CDR is interesting, yet flawed, in many ways. First off, itís a hybrid form of musicks and that always makes things interesting. Blend gothic sensibilities with hip-hop flavored beats, and add a dash or two of metal, and youíve got the bacterial culture that brings out something like this. While I found much of the material on this to be hilarious, and even somewhat musickally competent, I cannot look past the fact that the sound quality totally sucks. Donít get me wrong, there were a few tracks that made me tap my toes, and there is a lot of potential within this one-man project that has yet to be fully developed...itís just that the horrible sound quality gets in the way of enjoying what is good on this disc. I also want to encourage this artist to continue with his musick, but maybe to take a few audio engineering classes at his local community college, or to at least learn how to do things like fade-outs. It can only improve the quality of what is already good, but fatally flawed from a sonic standpoint. I could do without the silly, trite, and comedic sophomoric skits in between tracks, but everything else performance wise actually made me smile. Great ICP influenced rap-style deliveries full of macabre and sick-humored, graphically-offensive bravado, an engaging beat usage, and soundscapes that are textually interesting are things that Iíd love to see more of in the future from this fledgling, but promising artist. Time will only tell, but in the meantime look out for more in the future from this artist.

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