Dagobert's Revenge


The Witche’s Sabbath

review by Ellis Darwin Windlestraw

I really wanted to like this release. Upon receiving it I noticed the beautiful vellum-covered woodcut of J. Buckland-Wright, and opened it inside to find artwork by A.O. Spare, Aleister Crowley, and Rosaleen Norton. The song titles ranged from “Fornicatus Benedictus” to “Light’s Black Majesty” and topics included inspirations from A.O. Spare on down to a recital of Crowley’s “Hymn to Pan” and other twilight beliefs. I figured that with all this, it would be right up my alley. Then I popped it into my player and all those hopes were eventually deflated.

Where I come from all of the crusty-New Age-Pagans get together after bumming spare change for burritos on Friday nights for what they term, “a drum circle”. It seems to me that after 5 or more of them gather that it starts to turn into an unpleasant and chaotic sonic mess with everyone following their own inner-drummer.

For some reason I am reminded of these drum circles when I listen to this release. Only instead of the drum circle being in a park it is contained within a huge hollow cave with unflattering echoes and reverb, and it seems as if they’ve invited a few goths into their drum circle as there are shrieks and spooky sounds abounding throughout all the drum madness. I suppose that all this would be fine for a five minute track, but after twenty minutes it starts to grate on my musickal nerves. I’m sure it was well intended of course. While this kind of thing may not be my cup of musickal tea, the topic material may still interest you enough to wade through the musickal maelstrom.

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