Dagobert's Revenge

The Queers

Beyond The Valley...

review by James P. Bergman

I’ve always had a problem with punk rock of this variety. The Queers are one of those humorous punk rock bands wherein everything is sung with precocious cheekiness. Don’t get me wrong, a few of the tracks on this made me smirk, smile, and even laugh out loud...once! After you hear the initial punchline of a joke, any time it is retold, it seems to lose it’s funny factor, then after you’ve heard it four or more times, it becomes boring and stupid. Especially this musically based joke-book of a release. While I still would prefer to hear this on my radio over The Offspring or Green Day, I would not choose to listen to this more than I already have. Typical three and four chord power chord punk rawk with all the standard instrumentation, that although it is performed with zeal and attitude, is still your typical formulaic punk rawk. There’s even an Oi parody called “Little Working Class Oi-Boy” just to show you that they could perform Oi musick if they wanted to. After two or three titles like “Stupid Fucking Vegan” and ”I Just Called To Say Fuck You” it starts to resemble a Weird Al Yankovic of punk rock kind of thing. While this may be your kind of thing, it sure is not mine. I’d rather listen to The New Bomb Turks for my punk rock, and the latest Ween album or The Pros for my musickal dose of a humor.

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