Dagobert's Revenge


Bastard Complex

Boy, the name “Spite” really does them justice. These angry young trailer park tough guys in cowboy hats and tattoos have probably spent a lot of time drinking beer, driving around in a beat-up truck, sneaking into “titty bars” and shooting squirrels with a B.B. gun. Their driveways are probably filled with dead cars and broken appliances, their Dads are probably in jail, they probably treat their girlfriends a little rough, and they’ll probably kick your faggot college boy ass if you give them half a reason. This, at least, is the impression I get upon hearing the loud, gritty, grinding guitars and vulgar, hate-filled lyrics that make up Bastard Complex. According to lead singer/songwriter Christopher Boone (a.k.a. Chris Shittongue, get it?), the album title reflects the sophisticated view that the United States “is like a bastard child”, and the viscous assault of the music is their way of lashing out at the American society they so clearly despise. Chris and his boys are on a crusade to put the rage and rebellion back into rock again, which is probably a worthwhile cause. Skateboarders would love this shit. Good soundtrack for a drag race too.

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