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The First Germination,
The Second Germination,
The Third Germination

review by Lester Skyler Dunaway

Tapegerm is a special kind of musickal creature...one that has almost twenty heads, and depending on which way you look at it, almost as many musickal faces. Tapegerm is an internet-based musickal collective that takes samples and loops of musick from each other, mixing them and remixing them into configurations of sound that oftentimes defies convention. With almost twenty personalities involved, itís a wonder that theyíve been able to collectively move forward, releasing over three, only-available-on-the-internet, releases in less than six months. Needless to say that with as many people involved, the musick does tend to be diverse, ranging from soundscape oriented pieces, trip-hop, industrial, experimental, minimalistic, drum and bass, electro-beat oriented, to any other form of musick you can think of...rumor has it that they are coming up with a zydeco mix sometime soon also. SInce many of the songs are based on some of the same source material, you also get to hear the evolution of sounds, and the varying ways in which diverse artists can take the same sounds and manage to make them, not only different, but compelling to the ear. While the newly invented MP3 digital format has created much controversy in the music industry, not many people have decided to use the new technologies available to them to make musick that is as interesting as this. Plus, they even offer a place on their website for the general public to contribute sounds to their projects. Truly, the Tapegerm collective is a format for the future, and itís a future that you are not too late to check out.

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