Dagobert's Revenge

The Templars

Modern Day Ripper

Gee, these guys are great...if youre into Oi! music, that is. Vastly popular in the punk underground, after 7 years and tons of releases, including Beausant, The Poor Knights of Acre and The Return of Jaques De Molay, these bald-headed malcontents have proven that they know how to grunt and play guitar really fast. Not that its bad. Its kinda cool in a break-a-bottle-over-yer-head sort of way. Most of their songs are quite danceable, actually, including Modern Day Ripper. Powerpop, I think they used to call this stuff, y'know, back in the day. Anyway, I like it. If they were doing a show, I would pay to see it, and I'd watch all the crazy young'uns get beat up by the bouncers for stage diving. Some of the lyrics are even uplifting, the kind of battlecry-type stuff that makes the audience raise their fists in the air and shout Oi! Oi! Oi! along with. Although their songs and album covers are littered with references their historical forbears, the vast majority of their work is centered less on the Knights of Christ and more on topics such as beer, New York City, skinhead culture, skinhead pride, and social commentary about unemployment, police brutality, racism, etc. Says Phil Templar in an e-mail he sent to me, "I chose the name because Im very much into medieval culture. I especially admired the Templars because they were an order very much feared in their time. We are not Masons or affiliated with such groups. We solely respect the Order of the Temple: their deeds, bravery, and everything else about them." Whatever! Even if you dont like the music, which could only mean youre pretentious, you'll still dig the albums covers - lots of castles and knights on horseback duking it out. The Templars are about to play a few dates in Europe next year, where they are well known. You can e-mail them at:


Castle Templar
POB 602
Bayshore, NY, 11706-0660
(No stamp/IRC, no reply.)

Review by Imogene Mutation

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