Dagobert's Revenge


Beyond The Veil

review by James P. Bergman

By far the most interesting thing Iíve heard in recent times, and perfect for capturing fans from all stratas of musick. Gothic folks, metal folks, darkwavers, and even fans of classical and opera will find something worthy of their earís attention on Beyond The Veil. I particularly enjoyed the beastly and guttural, Fields Of The Nephilim-like, vocals by the male vocalist and how they contrasted with the angelic voice of the female singer. A match made in heaven, or in hell, depending on your point of view I suppose. Choirs of angels and hells full of demons abound in and throughout. Musickally, Tristania are amazingly tight, and well-oiled like a perfect machine, stopping on musickal dimes and turning time signature corners at a head-twisting rate. Melodic, elaborately constructed pieces of musick that never failed to bore me with their unpredictable nature. Great production with clear and crisp sound. How a band can sound so furious, yet have such delicate interplay and harmonies is beyond me. Why the kids of America are forging suicide pacts to Judas Priest or Marilyn Manson and not to this is beyond me. Truly a band destined for greatness, if theyíre not already there.

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