Dagobert's Revenge


Psychedelic Wunderbaum

Like a good movie, I don’t want to ruin this for you by overanalyzing this staggering amorphism, this ineffable miracle of the supramundane. But like a good drug, I do need to warn you about the possible mind-expanding effects of allowing this whimsical trebuchet to attack your delicate hold on reality. From the subversive “Extremist Cow”, which can hardly be politically correct, to the blithesome, capricious, and wholly recondite “The Intrepid Explorer”, this extemporaneous bombast is not to be trusted. It sneaks up on you with exuberant and ambidextrous impetuosity, tergiversating with sprightly and mirthful wish-fulfillment. So here’s the tale of our castaways (castigates), they’re here for a long, long while. I looked at my watch. Forty minutes had passed. I looked at my friend. Was she any different? Could I see into her soul as had been promised? The ubiquity of reason is to be questioned. “Hold still for the Oregon boot”., says the sweet muse of Hyperborea. “Surrender your thoughts. Liberate your animus, Relinquish your grip on existence. Rush headlong to the bed of Procrustes! March to the gallows with glee! Take flight! Abscond! Take no heed of the rising storm! Turn off your mind, relax and float downstream...”

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