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Hello Columbus

review by Aaron Garland

All of 12 minutes in length, this mini-Cd of new material showcases Mr. Williams in all his warp-witted glory. This time around, though, noisy guitars and a heavy drum machine are added to his otherwise eclectic classical/pop arrangements, making for a surprisingly good hybrid. However, his voice, or for that matter, his lyrics, haven't changed a bit. For instance, the title track, “Hello Columbus”, makes no bones about the uglier side of man and his penchant for conquest at all costs. One brilliant lyric sung in his signature deadpan drone reads, “Love lives infinitely / when stripped of mutual consent.”

Musically, it is as catchy as anything he's ever done in the past which often puzzles me as to why more folks don't know about him.

As expected, other themes explored with the scrutiny of an all-too-revealing magnifying glass include disease, despair, and personal misfortune with the fair sex. The song, “Not a Gear at All”, proposes the question, “And what is agony/if not ecstasy's ultimate legacy?”

Love him or hate him, David E. Williams certainly has a talent for pinpointing and dissecting life's cruel paradoxes, all the while making some memorable music in the process. The back of the insert also contains a great photo of a wide-eyed Williams singing onstage. Recommended.

Triumph of the Williams

Truly one of the strangest recordings I’ve heard in my young life, this limited-edition release (a mere 666 copies) from David E. Williams is reminiscent of The Cure (esp. (Pornography), Joy Division and some of the Thompson Twins’ “darker” works. Actually the painfully-wrenched fake British accent sounds exactly like the Psychedelic Furs. What I am saying is that although Mr. Williams couldn’t hit a note if it was standing in front if him grabbing its ankles, his vocals still maintain a certain boyish charm. The most ridiculous sing is the first one, “I have forgotten how to love you”, in which he brags about sticking a squirrel in a lawnmover and then tells us a story about accidentally shooting his girlfriend’s brother, who was in a bear costume. He also announces that “you can’t fly an airplane on chocolate sauce.” The runner-up for Most Ridiculous Song is the last one, “Vaginal Interior Decorator.” As if any more need be said about this filth, it contains lyrics like “I had a sick yellow eyeball slobberin’ off the end of my housekey. I wouldn’t soon see fit to be botherin’”, set to a sick New Wave soundtrack. The songs in-between include: “Sarah’s booted boy”, about a “Jewess” who is “not a vile aeter of excrement, as they depict in the New Testament”; and “pumpernickel Crust” apparently about a guy who goes around killing prostitutes because “You leave me to do the terrible things. You stay at hoke to breed a race of kings.” The record is red and has a weird lightening bolt thing on it, kinnd of like the old Throbbing Gristle insignia, and on the inside is a drawing of a naked man covered in blood with a “666” carved into his chest, a Star of David carved into his stomach and a swatika carved into his thigh. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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David E. Williams

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