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The Black Sun: Montauk's Nazi-Tibetan Connection

by Peter Moon

The latest and wackiest in a wacky series, The Black Sun continues what began with Montauk Project: Experiments in Time”, which he co-authored with Preston Nichols, a self-proclaimed participant in the Philadelphia Experiment. At least, that’s if you believe that he’s a reincarnation of the original Preston Nichols, who actually was involved in the experiment. I’m not sure why Preston himself was not involved in writing this volume of the series, although it hardly matters, since the flavor is the same. What’s good about Part 4 is that is cuts right to the good stuff, the stuff that you and I are most interested in: the Grail, the Ark, the Holy Royal bloodlines, the Aryan genetics, and the familiar alchemical substances called “white gold” and “occultum.”

Unhampered with the need to back up statements of purported fact with endless scholarly references, like some, or to even show a logical progression of ideas, Moon swings wildly from subject to subject, simply expecting you to believe everything he says merely on faith. In order to understand this book, you’re going to have to understand its basic assumptions. First, go with the assumption that secret societies are the most important influence in political decision-making, and have been since man was first spawned by the Gods. Then, proceed with the assumption that a cooperation has always existed between the secret government of the United States, lead by certain secret societies, and the Nazi government of Germany, lead by sympathetic secret societies. Then accept that Nazi scientists were brought over before, during and after the war to help our military conduct highly secret scientific experiments in time and space, which were known as “Project Rainbow.” One of these experiments became the famed Philadelphia Experiment. It morphed into the similar Montauk Project 40 years later. Finally, believe that these experiments involved, among other things: traveling backwards and forwards in time, traveling through alternate dimensions, putting one person’s consciousness into the body of another, having a person’s consciousness “reincarnate” at a later period in time, interbreeding with Reptilian and trans-dimensional aliens, and biologically engineering a race of Aryan Supermen. These Aryans were to have red hair, green eyes, and blue blood. The red hair is associated with the Merovingian Grail dynasty, with hereditary witchcraft, and with magical mythological creatures like gnomes and fairies. Green eyes are associated with “Dragon descent” from the 5th dimensional Reptilian aliens called Nephilim who created the human race, and who live in the inner Earth and/or another planet. They also, according to the author, wish for this breed to have RH- blood, which is strange because they can rarely reproduce with one another, and when they do, the babies are born blue and sickly. The author acknowledges this and sees it as evidence that RH- people are part of a hybrid human-alien race, so therefore they have trouble mating successfully.

Nevertheless, this is the goal, and so the Montauk people are very careful about the genetic make-up and even the ancestry of the people they use in their experiments. This is why certain family names, like Cameron and Crowley seem to keep recurring in regards to this subject. (A large portion of the Prelude is dedicated to examining a series of coincidences between the “Crowley and Cameron families”, ignoring of course the fact that ‘Aleister Crowley’ was not the man’s birth name, so therefore he was not a member of the Crowley family, and any relationship that they might have with the Camerons has nothing to do with him.) Other European families like the House of Orange, the House of Hannover, and the Romanov House have also played an important part. He seems to be venturing into Trevor Ravenscroft territory when he states the belief that certain gene pools contain occult magical power capable of tremendous deeds for good or for evil. This power has a physical correspondence in the body of the genetically perfect Aryan. It is derived from a substance called ‘occultum’, or ‘white gold’, an ‘antematter’ or ‘prima materia’ which, under the right conditions, is excreted from the pineal gland into the body, most prolifically in those with royal, Aryan blue blood. This substance is the same as the Philosopher’s Stone of alchemy, and can be created artificially as well, by heating up common gold to an extremely high temperature. It also occurs in nature outside of the body. Certain land masses, like the dark Earth around the Nile River, and the Himalayas in Tibet, are rich in it. And of course, there’s a big ball of the stuff in the center of the Earth called the Black Sun, the Smokey God that these secret societies worship, and which has been reported by numerous others inner Earth travelers who have seen it first-hand. This big black ball of prima materia is what provides light for those Nephilim creatures living beneath the Earth’s crust. That’s why the Black Sun said to represent the Great Void - because it’s made of prima materia, the “First Matter’, the substance of Nothingness out of which our Universe came. Those Aryans whose blood is rich in occultum would feel especially connected to the Black Sun. They would be the ‘Children of the Black Sun’ mentioned in the Hollow Earth literature. The way Moon describes the Vril force associated with the ‘Children of the Black Sun’, it sounds the same as the Elfin magic of the “Grail force” which is associated with the Grail blood. This is the substance that these numerous and competing secret societies have been trying to master. This is the source of their power, and this, at least in part, is the goal of the Montauk Project. Whether you believe in it or not, no self-respecting Grail researcher, Hollow Earther, UFOlogist, or even your run-of-the-mill conspiracy theorist should be without this book.

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