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Helter Skelter
by Vincent Bugliosi with Curt Gentry
The true story of one of history’s most notorious and fascinating mass murderers, written by the Prosecutor of the Manson trial, Vincent Bugliosi. This is the most straight-forward, truthful and convincing Manson book ever written, and inspired a TV movie of the same name. All of the characters in the story are fully explored, including one of my favorite musicians, Bobby Beausoliel, who wrote the beautiful soundtrack to Kenneth Anger’s film Lucifer Rising, and who inspired the Current 93 song "Beausoleil." This book makes living on a commune with a murderous, Satan-worshipping cult sound like so much fun! Free sex, drugs, food, cars, guns, and an old movie ranch to live on in the Hollywood hills. How can you beat that? Contains 64 pages of spine-chilling photographs.
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The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control, and the Manson Family Mythos
by Adam Gorightly
Written by DR staff writer Adam Gorightly, with a jacket partially designed by our A&E Editor, James Bergman, this book explores the unseen and unknown aspects of Charles Manson, including his interest in things such as Scientology, Freemasonry, the Hollow Earth, and the Process Church of the Final Judgment. With the single-mindedness of a trained bloodhound, Adam Gorightly seeks out and destroys the myth of Charles Manson as an unsophisticated hillbilly, showing us instead a mystical adept, a magician, a trickster, a hypnotist, an artist, a poet, an organized criminal, and a well-connected although perhaps unwitting) intelligence agent. Having no axe to grind but a search for the truth, Gorightly reveals all. This is the Manson that has been purposely occulted from popular consciousness.
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A Catalogue of Rare and Disturbing Alternative Information

by Russ Kick
Dagobert’s Revenge readers are nothing if not connoisseurs of the curious, the strange and the obscure. You wouldn’t be here looking at these words if you weren’t. Thus, Outposts is the perfect reference material for you: an encyclopedia of information on other resources for minutiae and cultural heresy. Everything from “Doing Rude Things” A history of the British Sex Film”, “The Rise and Fall of the Third Leg”, and “Vampires or Gods?: The True Story of the Ancient Immortals”, to “Dolphins, Telepathy, and Underwater Birthing”, “Fuck, yes!: A Guide to a Happy Acceptance of Everything”, and “Flyposter Frenzy: Posters From the Anti-Copyright network.” Categories include “The Unexplained”, “Merry Mischief”, “Fiction”, “Comix”, “Art”, “Extremism”, “Cyberculture”, “Drugs”, “Sex”, “Conspiracies, Cover-Ups, and Hidden Information”, and much more. Even our own staff writer Boyd Rice gets a mention and a photo for some of the Re/Search books that he contributed to. Not comprehensive, but very useful.
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The Psychedelic Experience:
A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead

by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert
Yet another step-by-step instruction book, based on the ancient text above. This one teaches you how to experience a successful ego-death while tripping on psychedelic drugs. Meant to be read to the tripper by an uninebriated "guide." The poetry seems quite cheesy unless you're actually on drugs when you read it; then you will find it amazingly profound and useful.
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Apocalypse Culture II
edited by Adam Parfrey
The latest and greatest volume of this series features chapters on mind-controlled sex slaves, Bobby Beausoleil, the cloning of Jesus, child pornography, and Masonic conspiracies, among many other topics. Contributors include our own Boyd Rice, George Petros, Crispin Glover and Colin Wilson. Illustrations of William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy naked, Shirley Temple wearing and S&M Nazi uniform, and a little girl giving Hitler a blowjob make this book absolutely irresistible.
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Psychedelics Encyclopedia
by Peter Stafford
History, chemical analysis, and instructions for making and taking just about every psychedelic or semi-psychedelic substance known to man. Acid, weed, MDMA, peyote, mescaline, San Pedro cactus, Psilicybian mushrooms, DMT, DET, DPT, Nutmeg, MDA, ayahuasca, yagé, harmaline, iboge, fly agaric, panther caps, and soma. Very extensive. The best I've found so far.
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High Times Greatest Hits:
Twenty Years of Smoke in Your Face

St. Martin’s Press
A “Best Of” compilation of articles, interviews, photographs, and comic strips that have appeared in the two-decade history of the nation’s foremost illegal drug advocacy magazine. And let’s fact it folks: without High Times, marijuana would still be illegal. Nevertheless, they’ve steadfastly pursued the pro-pot agenda in an often crude and tasteless manner, producing some great journalism, and utterly mouth-watering photographs of premium product along the way. This book contains several color photos and is extremely well put-together.
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Cosmic Trigger, Volume I: The Final Secret of the Illuminati
by Robert Anton Wilson
Mr. Wilson is the author of the Illuminatus Trilogy, best friend of Timothy Leary and a former editor of Playboy. Contains amusing and enlightening reflections on quantum physics, acid, non-Euclidean geometry, higher mathematics, Wilhelm Reich, Buckminster Fuller, Aleister Crowley, Zen, UFOs, the JFK assassination and the uncertain nature of reality. Also contains accounts of his synchronious encounters with the number 23. This man is a VERY good writer and after just one chapter you will be a life-long fan.
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Cosmic Trigger Volume II: Down to Earth
by Robert Anton Wilson
More of the above, with good info on the CIA, The Knights of Malta and the Roberto Calvi banking scandal.
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Cosmic Trigger III: My Life After Death
by Robert Anton Wilson
The most recent of the series. Contains several chapters about the Merovingians, the Priory of Sion and the mysterious death of 23 Rosicrucians at Grand Loge Alpina in Switzerland.
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