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Underground Tunnels and Bases:
What is the Government Trying to Hide?

by, Richard Sauder, Ph.D.

The arrival of this book in my mailbox came as a surprise. I had asked Dr. Sauder to write an article for this issue, and he’d said he was too busy. Then, months later, he sent me Underground Bases and Tunnels, presumably for review. There was no note enclosed, or anything. Of course, we don’t even have a book review section, but I thought I’d give it a try. I procrastinated for a couple of weeks, and then I finally cracked the thing open. It took me three days to get through the first ten pages. I read the rest in an afternoon.

All in all, it is quite informative. Within these pages, Dr. Sauder reveals document plans by the Army, Navy and Air Force, from the 1940s on, to build top-secret underground facilities, 5000+ feet deep, spanning hundreds of thousands of feet in area, with many miles of tunnels connecting them, all over the country: Arizona, California, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Alabama, Arkansas, Nebraska, Georgia. Basically, right in your own backyard. They could be underneath you right now, doing God knows what. The entrances to these facilities are often hidden in the side of a mountain, or inside innocent-looking buildings such as farmhouses. They are equipped with their own power sources, nuclear or otherwise. The official purposes of these underground bases is nuclear weapons testing and storage. In a chapter called The Mother of All Underground Tunnels?, Sauder even details plans to build a 400-mile tunnel system, 3000-8000 feet deep, all across the western United States for the purpose of transporting nuclear missiles. These are only documented plans, mind you. Dr. Sauder can neither confirm nor deny whether or not these facilities were actually built, and he asks his readers to provide him with any pertinent information they might have.

Much better documented are the 50 or so underground bunkers built by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to house “key” government and military officials in the event of an emergency. His main sources for the information were unnamed informants and a U.S. News and World Report article from 1989. Some of the most notable locations are underneath the Pentagon, the White House, Camp David, nine of the twelve Federal Reserve Banks, and a strange place called “Site R”, or “The Ritchie Facility”, at Blue Ridge Summit, Pennsylvania. Sauder quotes a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers manual from 1961 called Design of Underground Installations in Rock, which states that “Vital governmental installations have been placed underground, as exemplified by the Ritchie project.” Then there is the famous Mount Weather facility in Bluemont, Virginia. Virtually every federal agency is represented there, including H.U.D., the F.C.C., and the U.S. Postal Service, providing a “backup government”, as part of the Continuity of Government Plan, in the case of a nuclear war. Unnamed sources claim that these agencies are administered by “cabinet-level” officials who are referred to simply as “Mr. Secretary”, and who stay the same throughout the years despite the changing political administrations above ground. According to the author, “Mt. Weather serves as a hub for a system of other underground installations and bunkers, known as Federal Relocation Centers”, which are all within the 300-mile “Federal Arc” around Washington, D.C. These facilities are equipped to accommodate hundreds of people for up to four years without contact from the rest of the world. They have their own streets and sidewalks, stores, restaurants, hospitals, washrooms, and recreational facilities. In addition, he also mentions a fascinating site underneath Los Alamos, New Mexico that was built for doing particle physics and gravity experiments.

Some of the most interesting bases in this book were actually built by private corporations, such as AT&T and Standard Oil. In particular, there are three in California’s Antelope Valley, built by Northrop, Lockheed, and McDonald Douglas that are officially engaged in “Electromagnetic research.” Each of these bases is partially visible from above ground, and they all include “strange-looking pylons to which various objects can be affixed...These pylons rise up from underground out of diamond-shaped openings in the middle of long, paved surfaces that resemble aircraft runways, but which, in fact, are not used by aircraft.” Dr. Sauder also notes the numerous “strange flying objects” that have been sighted in the area over the years.

One of my favorite little tidbits of information in this book is the part about NASA’s intentions to build tunnels on the moon for use by human colonists. He quotes from a report issued by the Los Alamos National Laboratory which describes plans to “melt rock and form a self-supporting, glass-lined tunnel suitable for high-speed transport modes”, one that would “need to be hundreds or thousands of kilometers long....” This would be achieved using a new tunneling technology called a “fission-powered nuclear subselene.” Sauder speculates that this technology may already be in use, or some other new tunneling technique that has been developed in secret. For instance, Sauder cites a report from the Bechtel Corporation in 1974 which explores the possible use of water cannons, plasma, microwaves, lasers, jet-piercing flames, electrical disintegration, and electron beam guns. Sauder thinks that perhaps it is through these means that the government has been able to build such extensive tunnels without attracting too much attention.

As to whether or not the tunnels and bases are used to hold captured aliens or alien colonists, or to perform experiments on abductees, Dr. Sauder has no definitive answer. “Perhaps the Little Grey’s really do exist”, he writes. “Perhaps they do not.” But there is an interesting chapter towards the end of the book that deals with cattle mutilations - conducted by the E.P.A.! According to the author, the Environmental Protection Agency regularly dissects and analyzes cattle from Nevada, Utah and California as part of a monitoring program to study the effects of radioactive contamination from the Department of Energy’s nuclear test site in Nevada. In the process, the animal’s muscle, lungs, liver, kidneys, bones and blood are removed. (Sound familiar?) They also conduct a human surveillance program, which monitors 40 families throughout the years, bringing them in twice a year to be scanned by a “whole body counter.” This is reminiscent of the many abduction scenarios we’ve heard about, which often occur in whole families and span from generation to generation. Of course, the E.P.A. monitoring is done with the permission of the subjects. Even the cattle are purchased from the owners, who know full well the fate they are about to meet. But Sauder speculates that a similar, secret experimentation program is perhaps being conducted by the U.S. military, noting that unmarked black helicopters are often spotted around cattle mutilation sites. He even mentions a portable “laser medical pac” which is used by the armed forces to perform surgery in the field. He believes this device could be used to create the “laser-like” incisions often reported on mutilated cattle.

So maybe there aren’t any aliens after all. Maybe it’s just Army guys in alien suits playing mind tricks on people in order to exploit them. It’s certainly a plausible theory. It would explain why The Man is always trying to get us to buy t-shirts, hats, and key chains with aliens on them, why they keep making Star Trek, and why Men in Black is a popular children’s show. They’re trying to perpetuate the myth in order to cover up their own evil deeds. Could be. If nothing else, the pictures and documents presented in this book convince me that, at bottom, the tunnels certainly do exist.

Dr. Sauder has a new book out now, called Kundalini Tales, which explains how he got interested in underground tunnels in the first place. It's about all the strange things that have happened to him throughout his life, involving visions, voices in the head, UFO sightings, close encounters with alien beings, out-of-body experiences, and spontaneous kundalini activation, thus the name. He believes that some if not all of these experiences are a product of mind manipulation by the secret government, whom he suspects of having monitored him since his childhood. One of these occurrences was precipitated by a trip to a Scottish Rite Masonic Temple in Washington, D.C. There in the temple's museum he found a pair of Scottish Rite flags that had been carried to the moon, one by Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin on the first Apollo mission, and one by Walter Schirra on Apollo 7, then subsequently by Gordon Cooper on Gemini 5. Also on display were pieces from the heat shields of Mercury 7 and Apollo 11, apparently donated by NASA. As it turns out, most of the well-known NASA astronuts have been Masons, including Donn E. Eisele, John Glenn, Virgil "Gus" Grissom, James Benson Erwin, Robert L. Kline, Edgar D. Mitchell, Thomas P. Stafford and Paul J. Weitz, as well as administrators James E. Webb and Kenneth Kleinknecht. Many of them were 33º Scottish Rite Masons, and many were members of this same temple, which happens to be the one that J.Edgar Hoover attended. They have a shrine to him on display as well.

The appendix to the book consists of six U.S. patents for devices that can monitor and control brain functions, in some cases from a remote distance. One of them, Patent # 4,858,612, was developed for use by deaf people. It converts analog signals from a microphone into microwaves, which are beamed into the auditory cortex, causing the subject to hear words and sounds. Others include the "Method of Inducing Mental, Emotional and Physical States of Consciousness, Including Specific Mental Activity in Human Beings", through the use of stereo signals, and the "Apparatus for Inducing Desires States of Consciousness", using something called "Frequency Following Response" (F.F.R.) All very interesting, and more than a little frightening. It's enough to make you wonder whether your thoughts are really your own. Who knows? Perhaps you are only reading Dagobert's Revenge because someone else wants you to.

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