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Archived News and Updates 1998/99

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2000 archive
12/17/99 We will soon be available in all Tower Records, Japan, Israel, and Canada.
12/02/99 Added a Webrings section.
11/29/99 Well the new site is up and running. It isn't completely done yet but the basics are there. The Musick and Links sections should be up within a few days.
10/4/99 The interview with Ed Ka-Spel is complete. The Dagobert's Revenge mailing list was created.
9/26/99 Interviews with Edward KaSpel of The Legendary Pink Dots and John Balance of Coil are in the works.
9/18/99 DR is now availible in St. Paul, Minnesota.
9/17/99 The interview with Boyd Rice is complete and will apear in the next issue.
9/9/99 The interview with Douglas P. of Death In June is now complete! Look for it in the Winter 99/00 issue due out on St. Dagobert's Day December 23rd.
9/8/99 DR is now available in a stores in Arizona. Stores include McGaughs' Newsstand, Flagstaff; Prescott Newsstand, Prescott; Cottonwood Bookstore, Cottonwood; The Bookstore, Phoenix; Fantasia, Phoenix; Abracadabra, Phoenix; Alpha Book Center, Phoenix; Talisman, Phoenix; Changing Hands, Tempee; Rainbow Moods, Tuscon.
9/1/99 International Conspiracy Revealed (Or, how to write a fiery libelous tirade) added to articles page
8/31/99 DR is now available at Ozone Records in Portland, OR.
8/26/99 An interview with Boyd Rice is in the works, and should hopefully be done soon. also "Subliminal Messages In Oliver Stone's Movie JFK", and "The Physics of Time Travel" by Michio Kaku added to articles page.
8/12/99 Back issues of the Winter 98/99 are now available, check the ordering information section for more details.
7/24/99 The Summer 1999 issue is out now!
7/7/99 An interview with Douglas P. of Death In June is in the works and should be done soon.
5/21/99 "The Prieure de Sion, A Star-Studded cast of Grand Masters", "The History of the Royal House of Stewart", "Desposyni: Those Descendant From Jesus and the Royal House of Judah", and an Interview with Prince Michael of Albany, Head of the Royal House of Stewart added to the articles page.
5/18/99 DR editor, Tracy Twyman, was interviewed by Richard Metzger for his talk show Infinity Factor and is now availible for on-line viewing in the show's archives. Interview with Chevalier Scott C. Stewart, American Ambassador to the Royal House of Stewart, "Nick Poussin and the 'Incontrovertible Proof'", "What the Hell Is the Holy Grail?", "The Fifth Day from: The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkruetz" by Johann Valentin Andrae added to the articles page.
3/9/99 "In Defense of Kingship and Divine Right" added to the articles page.
2/99 "Who Was Dagobert II?", "Jean Cocteau: Man Of God", "Baphomet: The severed Head That Wouldn't Die", "The Banking Elite: How a Handful of Powerful Men Control Our Lives", "The Holy Grail", "The Letter is the Spirit of the Law" added to articles page.
12/23/98 It's St. Dagobert's Day! The Winter 98/99 issue is out now.
9/18/98 The interview with HRH Prince Michael Stewart is complete and will appear in the Winter 98/99 issue due out on St. Dagobert's Day Dec. 23rd 1999.

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