Dagobert's Revenge

Boyd Rice and Tracy Twyman's Trip to Rennes-le-Chateau
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A postcard featuring the door of Sauniere's Church, upon which is written, "This Place is Terrible."

Statue of Asmodeus.

The 4 elements represented in Sauniere's Church. The demon represents Rex Mundi, the king of the Earth. The baptismal font represents water. Above, the dragons represent fire, and the 4 angels, air.

he "Calvare", featuring the crucified Christ, with the shape of the sun behind his head. At sundown every evening the sun reflects off of this shape.

Statue of St. Mary, clearly the Magdalen. The crown on her head is made of Towers, and the name "Magdala" means "Tower." Above her head is a reproduction of Solomon's Temple, and behind her head is a mirror, precisely oriented to catch the sun's rays as they reflect off of the Calvare (left) every day at sundown. The sun is a symbol of spermatazoa in occultism, so this phenomenon represents the seed of Christ inseminating his consort, Magdalen.

Another shot of the Magdalen statue, with the crown of towers clearly visible. There is a tiny shun shape above her head, to accentuate the solar/sexual motif.

Statue of the Mary Magdalen

Statue of Mary Magdalen, with skull, cross, and vase of anointing oil.

Here is the station of the cross that supposedly features a black child wearing a kilt. Obviously, it is just some sort of grass skirt.
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